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TSK's Kent Anderson taking a page from the Rove handbook: If you're liable to be criticized about something, go on the offensive against the people who might criticize you for exactly that thing. The sheer hypocrisy will make people's heads explode - and you win!

(Go look at their site if you have to, but I don't recommend it. Link is for context. I just can't understand why the SSP just lets Kent blather all the anti-OA lies and nonsense he wants on their behalf.)
I did not translate all of my worries into words because they were not completely formed. One of the reasons for my concern was the feeling that Wojick might be using his position in a apparently scho...
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Really sorry to hear this - this approach is not at all helpful to an OA advocate like myself who wants to see both open access and scholarly-led publishing. If only they'd quit fighting OA and realize that in a competitive system it is the high-cost high-profit commercial publishers that could not compete with the high quality combined with low costs that characterizes much scholarly society publishing!
That brings up a very good point, +Heather Morrison Does the Society for Scholarly Publishing effectively advocate for scholarly societies, or are they more captured by the big commercial publishers?
yeah, your post reminds me of the tactic car salesmen use, where they want to get you to focus on the monthly payment and not the whole size of the loan.
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