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How Google+ is supposed to look. #newgoogleplus

Go here: and edit the userstyle where I've bolded it:
.ncGWdc {
width: 100% !important;

.ncGWdc .lzqA1d, .ncGWdc .Te, .ncGWdc .iH {
width: 90% !important;

Those values are originally set at 75% and 90%, editing as I have done makes the post area push the trending topics underneath the chat/hangout list, so it's effectively invisible. Some things are still a little janky, but not as janky as wasting a vertical third of a page on a widescreen monitor.
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don't agree... too wide a centre... why look all the way to the end to view a post???
To each their own, but this is a much more centered look on a widescreen monitor. If reading long lines of text bothers you, you can change the values to suit yourself.
Also, anyone else bothered by the tiny font and grey background in the comments area?

I had to change that too, couldn't stand it.
Clearly, this wasn't accidentally pushed out, it looks as it's supposed to look, with space to add something they have already declared has not been added yet. Jesus everyone RELAX.
Much better. Thanks. I hope that space isn't reserved for ads.
As best I can tell, chatboxes and hangouts will expand to fill that space. What you'll do the 90% of the time you're not chatting or in a hangout, I don't know. Why they released this and are leaving us to guess as to what they're thinking, I really don't know.
pretty sure the space is reserved for hangout video chat.
The with of the posts are good as they are, maybe the text contrast is a little too low. If you expand the boxes like on your screen, the text would become very hard to read. If you want to erase the whitespace zoom it.
+Alexander Rauscha I'm curious because I've heard a few other people make this argument. What's supposed to be harder about reading the text? That it's more horizontal and less vertical? I have a standing desk, so I'm over two feet from my monitor. Long horizontal lines don't bother me.

I don't understand what you say about zooming and I don't know much about CSS. can you be more specific?
It is considered to be confusing for the eyes when they have to jump from the end of a line to the beginning of the next one when the lines are too wide. Although I in general think this is true, the whitespace bothers me even more.
That's what I thought. So it does depend on how close you sit to your monitor. Ah well, that's what userscripts are for, right?
Like +Jani Kotakoski said, if the line is too long the scanning back to find the start of the next line can be awkward and the possibility the reader might miss or reread lines is very high. A good length is between 50-60 characters.

In chrome you can zoom in with ctrl + this scales all a little bit up and the whitespace disappears. (not a real fix but it works ^^)
That just makes the text bigger, but doesn't give you more of it per screen, which is what I'm looking for. I guess I'm just accustomed to 80-100 characters per line.
Seriously, reading comments with this tiny fonts, low contrast and grey background is breaking my eyes.
Finally! I hate that it only uses half my screen
That's what I was thinking Google should do. I don't think they should put new content in the whitespace. That content wouldn't work if someone made the browser smaller (due to hardware, or just preference). Just make the width of the main stream dynamic and all would be perfect.
Reading very long lines is hard to do. That is why you have columns in magazines. Besides Google might have other things to show in space that is empty right now?
Reading very long lines is hard for many people, but the line length depends on many things, such as how far you stand from the screen, and also depends on the person and their level of reading ability.

I get that they're designing for the average person, but that doesn't help me.
It should still be up to us. Wlhalf the screen shouldn't be wasted
+Jack Doyle Maybe that "Google Multitask" stuff from April Fools Day could be applied here. Google could fill up the other half of the screen on larger monitors with another 'stream'. (So, two streams at once.)

Or put the comments/other useful info on that other side.

Or just increase the text size, since that's what I do (Ctrl++).
You're welcome! :)
You're welcome +Natalie Villalobos I appreciate that I'm in the minority, so I don't mind meeting my own needs via userstyle, provided site changes don't constantly break the CSS rules.
I can't wait until everyone who has implemented such ridiculous examples of why they clearly need G+ misses out on whatever Google have planned for that space. I mean, this is a joke. How many of you zoom in on a word document to avoid seeing the white space that is the print margin? Or how many of you zoom in on the Google homepage? Absolutely hilarious, I had thought that the early 90's were the most hilarious time in internet history but right now I'm sure it's this one single Google+ update. You couldn't make it up.
Thanks William. It's an improvement.
Think of the Google search..........they use half of the screen, rest is whitespace!
why is no one complain about that!

may be because no comment section thr!
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