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Growing list of authors boycotting Elsevier's practices. cc: +Ernesto Ramirez
Louigi Addario-Berry McGill University - Mathematics. won't publish, won't referee, won't do editorial work. Ian Agol UC Berkeley - Mathematics. won't publish, won't referee, won&#...
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Hi William: I think you mean authors or researchers, not publishers.
Awesome. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to forward the doycott review letter to the page creator.
Wow, I'm sorry I'm not involved in academic research or I'd consider signing.
You can still contact your representatives to let them know you think this bill is a terrible idea :)
+Ernesto Ramirez good point.if we can help deepsix bailouts like SOPA and PIPA, at least temporarily, we need to do the same thing with this bailout.
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