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It is not on the right size of the glass shoe to fit..
It is in your heart that girl would hit..:) 
He just figured that he'd make pretty babies with you. And that's very important for heirs :P
Suddenly prince charming is less charming
ouch that just hurt the fairy tale.
this isn't Facebook for these annoying little caricatures.
Yes!  Never understood that!!  Some kind of love, huh?
i'm so glad its a fairy tale but that would have been disappointing if he was to that though
Y'know, Cinderella was never one of my favorite fairy tales....
Never mind that most versions of the story happen at a MASQUERADE ball.
Sandy B
He didn't do that in the story. The king sent the Duke to find a girl that the slipper fit. The prince swore he would marry none but the girl who fit the slipper, but the king just saw it as a means to get him married. 
Didn't recognize her without the makeup.  True story!
in the movie he said he was in love with her but didnt even remember her face
Men, can't live with them or with ...no, can't live with them.
well when we say it like that............!!!!!!!!! wat a prince!!
Yeah surely if he were that besotted.................. 
Hey now. Maybe he has really bad eye sight. They didn't exactly have contact lenses back then.
Kay B
lol exactly!
uh, but they had glasses, like his duke guy with the monocole
Ha ha! Gives new meaning to 'faint heart never won fair lady' :)
Suure and how many younger kids wear glasses willingly. Plenty of people don't like they way they look while wearing glasses. Maybe he got teased when he was younger for wearing glasses.
I don't think that its that he didn't remember her face it was that He "didn't even know her name' and ... Its a big world out there. He also got lucky that she was actually from his kingdom because if she hadn't been then he wouldn't have found her. And again He was a prince, he had other obligations that he had to tend to which ((assumingly)) his father would make him do instead of looking for her so he wasn't actually the one who was trying the slipper on the girls. It was the duke with the monocle. Moral of the story, always introduce yourself first and never be ashamed of who you are.
Yeaaaaa that's just how it goes
Now I can't stop imagining Cindy saying (in a deep trucker's voice) "Hi. My name is Chuck and I like dressing in prom dresses when working the long hauls. Hey. Where you going?"
Hahahahaha cnt stop laughing,is true talk
so sad. Prince charming is such a joke. 
Ha! Never thought of it that way
The men of most Disney movies have no intelligence whatsoever. Something that Disney is great at: promoting female independence.
boys and men are like that especially BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
haha, I always wondered about that, especially in all the modern remaked they've made recently...can't they al least narrow it down to ethnicity and hair color or something? :P
HAHAHA nice one crake up(:LOL:)
Hi worl how many people go throu some thing

Jameria do u know who rote dis
lol ant that the truth
Knows EXACTLY what you look like... Has a foot-fetish.
Jane S
Do you look fabulous like a one-time fancy dress party when you're stuck in the scullery? Didn't think so. 
Check it out , I am feeling it now .. I can't believe it .. Do dreams come true ask me and I will tell you ... YES they do 
He's Lying & absent minded, with a foot fetish.
lol yep that's is so true for some guys i know! :)
not me, me have another prince for my life ;P
hi im jayda and i wa swondering if we can talk sometime? i have no friends on this yet and i have had this gmail for 1 week and i have no one to talk to.
seriously  IKR! like you say you like me and you cant remember my face after dancing with you COME ON BRO!
Total airhead tht prince, forgettin what the love of his life looks like
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
SOME PRINCE YOU ARE! you say you love me yea right your just a pretty boy that think he can get every girl in the world but no NO thats not how it  works you GIRLY BOY!
omg your right she must have some freakish feet
Now that I think about it, it's true.
he must be prince charming or something they aint just going to let you do that to them
He must have that face id syndrome I saw on 60 minutes last Sunday???
just cause you cute hansome sweet and beloving
I know right that does make perfect sense. I never thought about that one!!
Isis S
sounds about right....dummy!!
I don't know if he had a well rounded background he'd be okay..8)
dont worry that happens at least twice to every girl
Also note that they only met for one night. This is going to be a happy marriage.
Don't forget me, Prince Charming, I'm still waiting...
you know, I always wondered about that.......
why does always a prince charming on disney? did u ever notice that all prince charming on disney had a similar faces?
WTF? Look at his right hand!
Pearl W
seven fingers???
OHMIGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!
Pearl W
lol wat seven fingers!!!
I dnt even tink about that, hahaha like a c0mic script
If the shoe fits wear it?
What a dipstick!!! Gosh I could never forget my girls face!
i always think of that when i read Cinderella!
OMG! I just watched this today and wondered the same thing, but in his defense, he did send his servant to do all the smelly work LOL!!
Yeah because everyone knew what her name was and where she lived. You dance with a complete stranger then try and go find them the next day. Bet you cant. Boo Ya OWNED!
Since the shoe is made for me only, I would be willing to wait for Prince Charming
Fairy tales will always lie to you
Cinderella ran because she was grabbed by a six-fingered hand. (Photoshop fail on Prince's left hand)
only if you expect there to never be a bump in the road life is full of bumps fairy tales are what we all wish we had but reality is what it is...still I wouldn't trade my prince charming for anything
If only life was that simple-no man has ever offered me a shoe-i could go bare footed for all they cared its never been my feet there after-it was always something below the waist and higher than the knees- ive often wondered what my life would have been like if it hadent been the backseat of cars it must of been sheer hell on the back of a horse
Someday my prince will come :) or NOT what ever works for him
How long be for a prince really will come? 
you're definitely right! how could he forget how i look like?
guys.... sometimes.... they dont grow up
Well, at least he isn't superficially concerned with looks right?
kim moo
he didn't forget what she looked like. he never knew her name. instead of drawing pictures of her face and posting them around town, doesn't it make sense to use the only clue (her glass slipper) to find her? besides, the shoe was metaphorical, idiots.
Ok, that was so sweet and hilarious at the same time.. lol! +Jace Mo 
I am with fiona on this one shrek was poor and ugly but he never forgot how the two faced fiona looked like.
How was she the only with with a size four foot size?!
you better take a shower and wash your feet!!!!!!
EXACTLY! another woman/ lady/ girl/ female person could have the same shoe size as Cinderella! Use your head prince charming... or whatever his name is! 
and somehow no has the same shoe size as her...
Kel G.
lol thts messed up on all levels
ok thats the most weidest thing iv herd in the 10th grade.
lol but thats actually true why would he do that if Cinderella is his love of his life!
in know its the most domest sentece.
its not that funny u people are crazy.
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