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Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse (Unofficial)
Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse Unofficial Site.
Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse Unofficial Site.

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Justice McClellan has publicly stated his disappointment at the Commonwealth Government’s refusal to support a national redress scheme for survivors of institutional child abuse. The Commonwealth were invited to present their submissions on this issue during this week’s public hearing, however the invitation was refused. In their submissions, the government said that administering a national scheme would require too much time and resource. All the while, the same government continues to invest hundreds of millions of dollars running a timely and resource-heavy Royal Commission whose job it is to advise the government on how survivors should be compensated. 
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The Royal Commission recently released a consultation paper on REDRESS AND CIVIL LITIGATION FOR VICTIMS OF ABUSE IN INSTITUTIONS. If implemented, the changes proposed have the potential to enhance access to justice for all survivors of abuse. Kelso Lawyers have provided an extensive submission in response to the paper, outlining important factors that will ensure survivors benefit from these changes. Click the link to see an overview of our main recommendations and to read our submissions in full.

In 1988, during the early hours of the morning a man wearing a balaclava entered a bedroom in one of the Knox boarding houses and sexually assaulted a Year 8 boy. The boy awoke screaming, at which point the man shielded himself with a doona and escaped. The school failed to report the incident to police and little investigation was ever done. The man was described by witnesses as being of slim build. The resident master, Chris Fotis matched this description. Fotis had also allegedly told the victim the evening before the assault that he had a surprise in store for him that night. Shortly after the incident, Fotis was moved out of the boarding house for undisclosed reasons. Fotis was employed at Knox in 1986 despite an earlier conviction for assaulting a female and offensive behaviour. In 1989, Fotis was sacked from Knox after police caught him masturbating in his car outside a nearby school. True to form, the headmaster, Dr Paterson provided the pedophile with a flattering reference. Fotis and Paterson are expected to appear in the witness box tomorrow. #knoxgrammar   #royalcommission   #childabuseroyalcommission   #childabuse   #kelsolawyers  

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Click here to get your FREE downloadable e-book. It tells you all you need to know about contacting the Royal Commission and getting JUSTICE and COMPENSATION. It's very easy to read and has high profile lawyer PETER KELSO'S personal story about growing up as a State Ward in NSW. #kelsolawyers   #royalcommission   #childabuseroyalcommission   #forgottenaustralian  

The largest research project ever undertaken into the welfare of people raised in State care was launched on 18 February. The project is headed up by the University of NSW. Over 500,000 Australians were placed in State care at some time in their childhood. Many were wards of the State. There is national concern at how they were treated. Many were sexually and physically abused, subjected to harsh punishment and emotional deprivation. The study will look at the lifelong impacts of institutional care as those known as the Forgotten Australians reach old age. Justice Peter McClellan, Chair of the Royal Commission gave the keynote address at the launch hosted at UNSW in Kensington. #childabuse   #royalcommissio   #childabuseroyalcommission   #UNSW   #forgottenaustralians  

Former house master of Knox Grammar, Damien Vance has given evidence at the Royal Commission. In March 1987, Vance was asked to resign by the then headmaster, Dr Patterson after it came to light that he groomed and indecently assaulted a boy at the school, later leading to his conviction. Vance's resignation letter made no reference to the complaint. In fact, Dr Patterson went to far as to provide Vance with a glowing reference which Vance used to obtain employment at another school later that year. #royalcommissio   #childabuseroyalcommission   #knoxgrammar   #childabuse  

Several witnesses have now provided evidence regarding abuse suffered at the hands of former Knox Grammar house master, Craig Treloar. Treloar expertly groomed young boys, known as "Treloar's boys", by allowing them access to his bedroom, playing rock music and giving them junk food, gaining their trust until eventually raping them. One witness recounted how Treloar showed him graphic pornography involving bestiality, showed him books on homosexuality and asked him to perform oral sex. The mother of another victim told the Commission of her despair that Treloar had spent less time in a prison cell than her son had spent in a psychiatric ward. #royalcommission   #childabuseroyalcommission   #knoxgrammar   #childabuse  

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Legislation is being introduced into the Victorian parliament which will retrospectively remove the limitation period for victims of child abuse. Limitation periods have long been a cause of significant injustice to victims of child abuse who attempt to seek redress through the court system. The new laws will enable victims and dependents of deceased victims to seek civil damages against those responsible, including institutions, no matter how much time has passed. These historic changes were recommended in the Betrayal of Trust report. It is hoped that NSW and the other states and territories will follow Victoria’s lead. The NSW government is currently accepting submissions on this issue. 

To have your say on time limitations in NSW go to the following link:
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Former Knox Grammar student, Scott Ashton has given evidence this week at the Royal Commission. He was a student at the Sydney boys school in the 1980s. Ashton has told the Commission that when he was in year 6, his art teacher, Mr Barrett was "a notorious tickler" and would tickle boys in full view of others. He also brutally caned boys. On one occasion Ashton was told to stay back in the art room. Mr Barrett tickled him and chased him into the storeroom where he was physically restrained and molested. Mr Barrett died young and students were made to attend a service in his honour. There is currently a memorial to Mr Barrett on the school gates with the inscription, 'He touched us all.' #kelsolawyers   #royalcommission   #childabuseroyalcommission   #childabuse   #knoxgrammar  
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