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@ Grez Maws

The next  time you you hope wish for something ask yourself who exactly are you hoping and wishing to even its its said out force of habit. Who is it? There was life before you and will be life after. The hereafter exists just as the reality of this life exists. Whether you believe it or like it. You will be raised on the day of judgement. Whether you are dead or alive you will be questioned.
+GREZ MAWS please give me a valid defence for the mystery of bermuda triangle or tell science to shut up.i rest my case.
@ Grez Maws.

So you have faith in nothing u can't see yet tomorrow is unseen. I bet you hope or have faith it will come though it is not promised. So what is it that yourself and non believers wish and hope to? I'm curious. 
We are taught that faith/prayer without action is useless. So we pray and act. You just act with no prayer. Where does your guidance in life come from? Even remote controls, and   have a manual. Something that simple, yet you are telling me the greatest creation on earth has no guide or manual. That's insane when you look at it in that context. Absolutely insane to think that we were created with no purpose. 
Animals don't possess a human mind. They haven't been entrusted with the earth the way we have. They haven't been given the rational we possess. They don't start wars, enslave people, lie to the masses. Man does. We take care of the animals we have been given power over them. They were created for us to enjoy not the other way around. You ever seen a cow or a pig take a human being to slaughter to feed his family?  Our human mind is the only thing that separates us from the animal. That's why its the greatest creation. We were given more than any creation on earth and you compare yourself to an animal. Sorry we don't get off that easy. 
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