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Yesterday was 8th of March the International Women's Day and I have been involved with many amazing Aboriginal women helping them to find their voice. An old outback crime has been discussed in one occasion and its horrific injustice lingered on my mind late after midnight until I have taken my creative pen to chase the horrific ghosts of the past away.

At the heart of it all, human beings wherever they live and whatever they do want the same thing – we want to feel loved, that we’ve got a purpose in life, we want to be happy. I can really relate to finding happiness in the saddest of situations. But I do believe you can make conscious decisions in lie that will benefit you and ultimately make you happy. I also think about people who can’t always be happy – people who have mental health issues for example as I have experienced in my long life teaching and counselling practice. Sometimes, that is no actually possible because there is a chemical imbalance in the brain but even then it is possible to find happiness with the right guidance towards healthy lifestyle and if you make the maintenance of your physical and mental and emotional wellbeing your priority.

Of course happiness is my goal, I have already made it further that I dreamt in my life it would be possible. I am not afraid anymore to say NO to things that does not make me happy or content anymore. I think for me personally , happiness has always been an attitude, it is something you have to work on whole your life. Happiness really is an inside job.

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Committee on end of life choice

Inquiry into the need for laws in Western Australia to allow citizens to make informed decisions regarding their own end of life choices

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to voice my strong YES fro allowing our citizens to make informed choices regarding their own death. I am fifty years old female, a teacher and a volunteer counsellor as well as a farm care taker. I have seen through my life the different approach how we deal with the animals when they suffer and there is no solution for their suffering but to end it and how we deal with people in the similar circumstances.

I have spent six months nursing my father dying from an incurable brain tumour seeing him to suffer horrific pain and helplessness and I could not help him to end his suffering just sit by his bed side night by night and watching him to loose all his dignity in his process, we both suffered enormously and his death has been relief for both of us but I feel he should have been given choice how he want to leave this world. Dignity is important and choice is important for all of us.

Last year I have seen the same scenario happening all over again in our family with another our family member and all we can do is sit and watch all over again until death decides our end when there is no dignity left.

When my time comes I would like to have my say in my ending before my incurable illness strips me off all dignity and decision making in the process as I know many other fellow human beings around me would like…

Thank you for hearing me out…Beata Stasak

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Is there any limit to greed???
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