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Xavier Robin
Bioinformatian, web enthusiast, geek/hacker, open-source supporter, amateur macro-photographer
Bioinformatian, web enthusiast, geek/hacker, open-source supporter, amateur macro-photographer

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Back-to-back papers from the lab just published in Cell: congrats Pau Creixell  and everyone involved!

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Power ROC tests, confidence intervals for arbitrary coordinates, speed enhancements: a few of the new features in pROC 1.6
pROC 1.6 was released, with the following notable new features:
* Power ROC tests
* Confidence intervals for arbitrary coordinates
* Speed enhancements

For more details, see the link below.

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We're up all night to get data

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Les 10 raisons qui m'ont convaincues d'adopter un Pack Liberté...
Maintenant que vous êtes en couple, installé dans une maison à crédit ou un appartement à loyer exorbitant, la question majeure se pose : avoir un chat ou un bébé ?

Je vous aide avec quelques arguments :

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Internet s'est toujours développé de manière ouverte et transparente. Ne laissons pas l'UIT et les États en prendre contrôle.

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À vendre: Kayak de slalom, carbone-kevlar en sandwich, à réparer

Ainsi que :
- pagaie en carbone
- gilet de sauvetage Yak (rouge et noir, taille S/M)
- jupette

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À vendre : Kayak Prijon Machine, assez bon état, couleur rouge

Avec divers accessoires :
- Jupette Yak
- Gilet de sauvetage Yak, couleur bleu, taille S
- Pagaie en bois
- Casque noir, taille réglable

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I couldn't agree more with this!

“And therein lies the beauty of overkill analytics. [... One] doesn’t want to spend a lot of time fine-tuning models, writing complex algorithms or pre-analyzing data to make it work for his purposes. Rather, [one] wants to utilize some simple models, reduce things to numbers and process the heck out of the data set on as much hardware as is possible.” 

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I captured a video with my Pentax K-5, and I wanted to send it to Wikipedia where OGG files are required. The conversion can be done very easily under Linux with avconv but the sound is poor because there are clicks.
I show a combination of VLC and avconv to produce a good quality video.
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