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An Enigma, really.
An Enigma, really.

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Had one of those "new, old school" metal weekends.

Lots (and lots) of Evil Invaders

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Don't listen to radio really myself, but if people don't get behind this, "awesome bands you've never heard of (tm)" (who are often off the chain live, AND some of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet) will just disappear, or go O/S. #rock #stopthefleeingmusicians 

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One of the other causes olaf and benny are passionate about is #cancer  having lost far too many loved ones to it too, as have a lot of people who'll read this.

In fact benny spent two weeks in the chemotherapy ward of a private hospital waiting for an appointment with his neurosurgeon, where all the nurses were highly supportive of the #cardoughnuts  idea while also adding "why don't we have devices like this, they'd help with everything from toileting, to transfers to basic patient mobility, which currently required two nurses full attention plus a frame.

So anything we can raise from the support of #cardoughnuts  (Totally a thing now :)) will eventually go to helping cancer patience maintain their basic independence and dignity too. 

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All the way from in L.A. #cardoughnuts is now "totally a worldwide thing" -- we love it. Must admit, We love the idea of the "Buttermilk Doughnuts" -- if we could ever get them through Australian Customs, that is :)

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OK, it's not often I post on G+ anymore (mainly due to not having reliable machine access) but i'd being stuck in a hospital bed, haviing had no use of my legs in 3 weeks means i'd like to ask a favour.

My sister (hereafter, olaf) and I (hereafter, benny) created the concept of #cardoughnuts  some time ago to bring a little happiness into our own lives and finally turned it into something web worthy, basically:

Anyone can participate in Car Doughnuts (or "Donuts" for our non-european friends) -- you just need to show:

- You (obviously)
- A Doughnut (Donuts, or Cronuts are acceptable too, but other pastries will be removed)
- A Car (either be "in it" "on it" or "around it")

and most importantly....

- A Smile 

This is about having a laugh and good times, with good friends, while eating a doughnut.

You should also tag your photos with the hashtag #cardoughnuts   so we can get them all on the interschnitzels :)

I promised her i'd try and make it a worldwide phenomenon, and while we might not get there (though the facebook page had 250 likes in a week) -- I want to get it as close as I can :)

We'd both love to get some shares going for this post too, i've already spoken to several PR managers for people like Eddie Izzard and Bill Bailey as well as some heavy metal bands like Anthrax, Motorhead & Saxon -- but given Olaf's original slogan was:

"You're a dork"

and mine was:

"Car Doughnuts: TOTALLY A THING NOW"

... and she laughed... i'd like to make it:


So,  Help, Share, Laugh at me or just enjoy it, which is the goal.

Thank You, from both of us :)

ASP, where dev's leave open holes in code, make Paul go "something, something"

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Every day, in every way, I see (and agree with) this :)
I've said this before: friends don't let friends run home routers with stock firmware.  (And if you must run the stock firmware, please don't leave the admin password to be the default!)

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An worthwhile read, to be sure -- when you're not running end-to-end doing patching, deployment and distributions of said fixes (fixen, fixocalypse?)

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Guess it says something about my current thoughts on movie going (old-school, movie on a screen) that I enjoyed "Death Race" 10x more than any "Fast & the Furious series"
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