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Dave Jacoby
"If you can not measure it, you can not improve it." -- Lord Kelvin
"If you can not measure it, you can not improve it." -- Lord Kelvin

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Fair enough, Mark. 

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Coding for Pi Day
Today is Pi Day, which is a good day to talk about Pi. Normally, I'd probably use Pi, sine and cosine to draw things, but instead, I flashed on a couple ways to estimate Pi. Also, showing you can use Unicode characters in Perl. #!/usr/bin/env perl

use feat...

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Also: our website has moved to

And: is a big Perl shop that's interested in supporting Mongers groups, and starting in April, they will support us.

Been a while since I've posted here.

Today at 5:30 pm, +Joe Kline will talk about Asynchronous Programming with Perl. 5:30pm in EE317 on Purdue's campus.

Afterward, we will be going to Lafayette Brewing Company for HackLafayette Open Source Food & Chat. 7:30pm is our listed starting time. Please RSVP on

+Dan Noland I'm seeing your response but can't reply and it doesn't show up on my blog. ???

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Having Problems Munging Data in R

# a blog post in code-and-comment form

# Between having some problems with our VMs and wanting to learn Log::Log4perl
# I wrote a program that took the load average -- at first at the hour, via
# crontab -- ...

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tldr: Still can't auth to Spotify, but can get info via DBUS

It started with reading about using R to determine the most depressing of all Radiohead songs. I decided that I'd like to have that as a Spotify playlist, which made me dive back into their API.

I can query all I want, but I can't create and populate playlists because I can't get the authentication piece working. With Python, I can get an auth token, but I can't reuse it, which makes the process frustrating.

When I was playing with this, though, I noticed that the media buttons don't work; they send a message that the computer receives, but it should trigger pause or play or next, depending.

Instead, I found this, which uses the Net::DBus module to allow me to pause and play from the command line, rather than go to the last virtual desktop and click the pause button.

I can also give it a Spotify URL to start a song, which means I could have Zappa's "Muffin Man" signal the end of the work day again.

What messaging software do you use and why? Is it SMS/MMS based? Is it IP based?

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Ding! Ding! The Process is Dead!
Starts with a thing I saw on David Walsh's Blog : I've been working with beefy virtual machines, docker containers, and build processes lately. Believe it or not, working on projects aimed at making Mozilla developers more productive can mean executing cod...

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I've been using Text-To-Speech tools and recently started looking into AWS's Polly. I compare Festival, ESpeak and Polly so you don't have to.
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