Solo Gaming Appreciation Month starts in a few days (November 1st!), so get your Oracles and Rules ready! Or be prepared to make new ones!

Dedicated to Zach Best
As you know, we recently lost Zach Best, founder of Conjecture Games (http://conjecturegames.com/), creator of many great products geared towards solo play, and a great person. Therefore, we have decided to dedicate this SGAM 2017 to him.

The Why and How of Solo-Gaming
Along with the dedication, we will put together a collection of solo gaming tools and examples to create a pdf to help people understand the why and how of solo gaming. Everything is welcome, from tools to actual plays. Tell me if you want your stuff included in the compilation.

How can you participate in SGAM? PLAY and post! Create tools and post! Make NPCs and post! Even if you don't post, PLAY!

What can you use? Everything! Check out Zach's work, but use anything that you want. Everything is welcome in the compilation.

Do we have any themes? Feel free to do what you want, but we have some suggestions that I will organize, such as
1) People use some common elements to inspire their story
2) People start with the same story seed
3) Develop NPCs using UNE and post them for people to use

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