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Chris Stieha
I used Bayesian statistics to determine I'm a frequentist
I used Bayesian statistics to determine I'm a frequentist


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A community-built hexcrawl setting. I submitted a hex that was inspired by burning bushes in the original Legend of Zelda.
More information and a free pdf is available at
So finally after a fair bit of noodling, I am happy to announce that the Eilean Dubh: Black Isle Gazetteer is available in print from Lulu.

It is being offered at the 'at cost', and no profit is being made since it was a community effort... but at 442 full-color pages works out to being $25.66 USD. But it looks amazing in full color, and it is impressive to see how much content there is.

Also a special shoutout to +Luka WizardThiefFighter, who created the wraparound cover illustration that is brilliant.

(At the moment the code ONEFIVE will get you 15% off print books. Remember it only works if it is typed all caps)
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Surprise! I found back all the files of the Void Beaver dungeon we crafted a loooong time ago and I assembled everything together.

This was originally a initiative by +Karl Stjernberg and +Jfur.
Karl drew the cover and the map while Jennifer assembled everything together and edited the text into something gameable. I then contributed more than a dozen illustrations.

Enjoy and beware of the Void!

Free PDF version:

Print version (at cost):

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My Free/Libre Open Source Software talk went well that I had scheduled during Open Education Week 2018 ( Thanks for the help with ideas! I focused on tasks that needed to be accomplished as opposed to listing commercial software and their open-source equivalent. If you want to watch the video, it is available at:

If you are an educator (or interested) and want to see the other sessions that we presented for Open Education Week 2018, you can find them here:
Topics included finding open resources, adopting open resources, making open resources, reading with open resources, open access journals, copyright, and open-source software.
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Turn 1269

Add a tile to (12,-11)
"Add the tile listed in column E to the map, but stretch yourself artistically (hand-drawing, collage, new digital tool, whatever). And tell us about what you did that's new!

This weekend, I am going to load up my new fountain pens with ink and draw this square! The past couple of days of work have worn me out.

+Mischa Krilov: your turn!

Turn 1260

I added the North Glacier Station as an active station to the Underground in tile (3,8)

To make the action clearer, I removed the reference to "the third or fourth person to trigger this event..."

I increased the chance of Fauna & Flora from 5 to 8.

+LaShanda S. Simmons or +Victor Andrade!!!

Does anyone in my circles play Magic: the Gathering online, either using MGTO or using hang outs and playing with cards (or some other way)?
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Solo-A-Module Month:
Play a published module solo! Post an Actual Play! Answer the age old question: How do you play a published module solo!

I created a "Solo-a-Module Month" Category. Although "March Module Month" was suggested, I wanted to keep the month out of it (like SGAM). Feel free to post there as well as go beyond March.

Started by +Tarcisio Lucas in this post (edited to include):

Suggested by +Todd Rokely and +Spencer Salyer with the support of many others in this post:

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+Jensan Thuresson makes awesome little art zines and sends them out! There is even a map on the inside!
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I know I have some teachers and educators in my g+ world. Are you doing anything for Open Education Resources (OER) week? If you are unfamiliar with OER, think open source for educational material.
Open Education Week 2018
Open Education Week 2018
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