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Features difference between SharePoint 2013 vs 2013
This article is to list out difference between SharePoint
2013 and SharePoint 2016. As you all know SharePoint 2016 has too much to offer to
Administrator or Developer. As an Administrator. I love the changes that
Microsoft done in SharePoint 2016. So, lets...

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This Article will be focused on the service application in
SharePoint 2013 which we can’t create by going to Central Admin >
Application Management > Manage Service Application > Click New. We will be covering the service applications that are
created using...

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Dirsync tweaks Post Installation
Note: Please perform below tweak in test before moving to
Production. After Setting up
sync between On-premises Active directory with Office 365. There are few tweaks
which can help us getting work done quickly and in a clean way. Tweak 1: Changing
time bet...

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"Alert Me" missing from SharePoint Ribbon
This Post will help you on how to enable the Alert Me button in SharePoint Library or List ribbon. So, you have done with fresh SharePoint installation and create Web App, root site collection. Its time you start exploring Document library options. You thin...

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Hide default attach option in List.
I got a request from one of my client that he want to hide the default attach option in the list. This applies to SharePoint Online,2013 and 2010. Two way of doing this one from GUI and other from Powershell. I will using GUI in this blog. So lets get start...

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Creating App Catalog in SharePoint Online
Today, we will create a App Catalog in SharePoint Online. So lets get started :) Steps: 1. Go to the SharePoint Admin center page and Click on Apps. 2. Click on App Catalog. 3. Select "create a new app catalog site"  and click OK. 4. Now fill out the requir...

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How to create a UPN
This Post will help you on how to create a UPN. What does UPN stands for ? UPN stands for User Principal Name. Why we need to create a UPN? While configuring ADFS (Federated Service) if we desire to use different domain from our internal domain then we requ...

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Disable default “send an email invitation”
Whenever we shared anything like site collection or subsite
the email option is select by default and we have to uncheck it most of the
time. This post will help you to disable default “send an email
invitation” So lets get started :)   Browse to this locat...

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Explaing Microsoft Azure and Services.
What is Azure? Azure is a Services Platform, a comprehensive set of
storage, computing, and networking infrastructure services that reside in
network of datacenters.                                                                                   OR Azure ...

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Assign or Remove License in Office 365
This Post will help you out on how to assign or remove license for a particular user. Users need license in order to use services like SharePoint Online, Lync online. So lets get started :) Assign a license In this we want to assign a user SharePoint Online...
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