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Over the last few weeks we have noticed a huge increase on social media for a new foundation that offers "extreme coverage" that will even cover " unpleasant spots, acne, loss of pigmentation and tattoos.

Our concern with all this hype is it's obviously aimed at young people and those already struggling with sensitive aggravated skin.

On doing a little research I discovered one beauty blogger who said it was so good and lasted so well she had to use a dishwashing liquid to completely remove it!

Another said she was advised to use a facial cleansing tool since it clogs up the skin. Later she goes onto say "I did get zits when using it ".

We do understand the wish to cover skin imperfections, we've been there ourselves, but surely a product so thick it requires washing up liquid to remove it is NOT the answer.

To all of you with skin problems remember these golden rules

1) Wear make-up sparingly. However gentle it seems make-up will add to your problem if you’re not careful;

2) Keep your skin clean. Cleanse morning and night but avoid cleansers that contain soap or alcohol as these can be to astringent;

3) Drink lots of water, hydrated skin will immediately look better;

4) Use a gentle moisturiser that hydrates deep into the skin layers. Avoid one that contains harsh chemicals;

5) And finally, try to keep your skin problem in perspective. Beauty is not only skin deep and the more you stress about it the worse it will get.

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It's beginning to feel a lot like ..........Autumn!

I had a very early start today and walking out of the house was quite surprised how cold it was, in fact I turned straight round and fetched a coat. With the heating switched on in the car to de mist the windscreen and warm us through I turned the radio on. The discussion was in fact about how it's suddenly dropped cold in the evening and early morning. Chris Evans then sang a little ditty "it’s beginning to feel a lot like ......Autumn ".
Looking around me, I had to agree with a touch of red to some of the trees the season really is changing.

You’re maybe wondering what this has to do with skincare?
In fact, now is the time when you should be considering changing your skincare regime to accommodate the dehydrating effects of central heating and winter winds. We may not be ready to get hats and gloves out just yet but ordering a rich moisturiser or nourishing face oil will see you prepared for the months ahead.

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Don’t forget your feet!

Those of you who've followed us from the beginning will by now have realised I love my holidays and will as often as is at all possible sneak in a trip away. Liz on the other hand will do anything she can to avoid holidays preferring the comfort of her own home.
It was with great interest this morning that I came into work as Liz has returned from a trip aboard. Ok, don't get to excited she only managed a 3 day break but at least it's a start.
Our conversation over coffee went like this .....
Me "did you have a wonderful time"
Liz "it was OK"
She then got rather animated and I'm eager to hear about the beautiful island, hotel, weather, but no ......
Liz "I couldn't believe it Alison, I'm lying face down on the sun bed, looked across at the person next to me and found myself looking at her feet, she was a very smart lady with beautiful skin but her feet were atrocious. Dry, cracked and totally uncared for!"

Well it seems the moral of Liz's holiday is don't forget your feet! They are skin after all so deserve and require a daily moisturise.

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Girls on Film
There’s been lots of excitement at Elizabeth Beckett HQ as a camera crew arrived to film our first professional video!
Tom & Miche from SMN film along with Lauren and Louise from Buy-From descended on the cottage in the rain! We prayed for the sun to appear and shine like it had yesterday (what a wonderful weekend we had)… but no joy as it drizzled all morning! The filming was still great fun.. Watch this space for updates on this.
While filming our beautiful model, Katy, asked why we only had 1 cream for application at night and in the morning (Night and Day Cream with Rose & Frankincense and also Night and Day Cream with Grapefruit and Chamomile). It’s an interesting question and one we get asked all the time. We try to make all our products multi-purpose; it takes all the hassle out of caring for your skin – goodness me, our lives are busy enough without having to worry which cream to put on when. And then there’s the cost of having numerous products in your bathroom cabinet. Our Night and Day Creams can be used in the morning and at night, simply apply a little more at night to give your skin an extra treat to go with your beauty sleep!

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Final countdown to Shrewsbury Flower Show

Today we've made the last batch of products for Shrewsbury Flower Show.
We have a special Show price and a buy two items get a Show gift for free offer.
Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones on Friday and Saturday!

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What a difference a holiday can make

I've just returned from a lovely holiday in Slovakia. Although some of the wet weather the UK have been experiencing did travel east to us we also had some beautiful hot sunny days. Our Refreshing Mist with Rose became invaluable, hot skin - mist & refreshed, sweaty feet - mist & refreshed, sticky hands - mist & refreshed, the uses were endless. In fact note to self, get some more for daughters forthcoming trip.

Liz on the other hand has just returned from a motor home holiday to Pembrokeshire. With her 2 Labradors, Liz and her husband set off as motor home virgins hoping for lots of dog walking, fresh air, relaxation and sunshine. They did get stunning dog walks, the area is so beautiful but it seems the dogs have magnetic charges towards water, (Eau de Wet Dog !!!). Fresh air wasn't a problem, but rain was! And the lack of washing facilities made for an interesting week 😊. Thankfully Liz had her supply of cleanser, mist and moisturiser so stayed clean and sweet smelling but not quite so relaxed!

For all you just about to leave on holiday always pack your toiletries and remember whatever type of holiday you choose a bottle of Refreshing Mist could be very useful.
Happy Holidays!

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Use by dates

I'm sure there are few of us out there who would be eating up food that's weeks, months or indeed years out of date. Why on earth would we, the risks are far too high with awful food poisoning symptoms known and dreaded by all.

However how many of us take note or are even aware of the use by dates on our makeup products. These are usually marked by a symbol of a jar with a number and “M”. The “M” stands for months the number is how many months once opened this product should be used for.

The problems that start to occur can be as simple and harmless as the colour begins to change / fade but more worrying is the risk of infections caused by bacteria growing within the product, have you ever noticed a bloom coating your favourite old lipstick, that is in fact bacteria growing. This is then spread to your skin with the makeup causing spots, blemishes or even worse with mascara eye infections.

I'm off to have a makeup de-clutter and will enjoy the excuse for buying some new summer colours.


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Thank you presents for your teachers

Having spent the last few weeks and definitely the last 3 hours looking for that "perfect" birthday present, it seems I've either done it before, it's not her thing, it's too expensive or just NOT right.
What I have discovered through these hours online is teachers end of term gifts are big business. I remember cutting a bunch of flowers from our garden to thank my lovely teacher but now it seems a proper present is the norm.
As a change from chocolates, scarves, and those done before gifts perhaps this year a bottle of beautiful hand cream or a pot of rich foot cream would be a luxurious treat your teacher would love to receive and get months of pleasure from.

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Shrewsbury Flower Show

This week we have been working on a stand we are having at Shrewsbury Flower Show (11th – 12th August). With a number of shows and large events in the pipe line we have also taken on another member of staff; Paula. She has a great eye for design and has already fitted in very well with the team.

It's exciting to be returning to Shrewsbury, I had a stand 4 Years ago and had a really enjoyable couple of days making long standing friends and customers. Put the date in your diary it's a wonderful show with so much to see and do.

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Nail Saving

I like many other women love the idea of having a manicure in a salon and coming home with a stunning set of hardwearing gel nails. The problem I have is when the gels are removed, my nails always seem to be brittle and it then takes months to recover.
A few weeks ago I did succumb to a set of beautiful pink gels deciding it was for a very special occasion so I would put up with the damage afterwards. Talking to the beautician I voiced my concerns and she suggested I try rubbing oil into the nail and cuticles when the gel was removed.

As I use Body Oil with Rose I just made sure I included my nails in my moisturising routine. Eureka no broken nails; chipping and flaking all gone.
Photo taken - positive results proved, can't promise it will work for all of you but well worth giving it a go. Job for today shorten these talons!
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