Tl;dr : 20M MU in 4 hours ? Challenge accepted !

The past two weeks were very stressfull. I took part in Mission Day Organization and as you might be aware of, there has been some noise around a field... 
I wasn't really happy of my own faction field for different reasons, but it was nothing compared to what I felt about some comments on g+ afterwards, ENL&RES... 

Planned or not, it appears that the Resistance wanted to cover Paris 6 days after, on the 28th, and they did it very well, with a nice big multilayered field, reversing the cycle trends of multiple cells.

Checkpoint 34 of 35... Who would have thought it was possible to do anything against that? Well... 10 crazy people and myself managed to plan and move very quickly to be able to shoot the exact same 2 layers than the res, adding a third one on top of all that "just to be sure". 

The cell is safe, the septicycle is green again, and THAT is what I call a game !

Don't count your chickens before they have hatched.

The 11 Crazy Agents :

#CTB #Ninja #ENL #ingressParis #ingressFrance

+Ingress  +Niantic Project ​ +NIA Ops +Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti +Lamia Alonso +Joe Philley 
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