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Helping you find your story
Helping you find your story

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I have a space for editing in Jan/Feb. $300 for a 100k book. More or less words will adjust price accordingly, minimum fee is $200. I will work at $25/hr for short stories.

I'm starting a new service. For $50 I will work with you to write the blurb/cover material for your book. The idea is to help you become a more effective blurb writer.

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My new dystopian YA book is scheduled for release Feb. 2

When age rules the country, it's hard being young.


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My newest book is out!
The Gods Above is my re-imagining of the zombie story, follow Pranthi and her camera as the world changes around her. You can read an excerpt at Gary Buettner has posted a review on his page Book Autopsy:

Zombie stories seem to have a weird relationship with, well, other zombie stories. As deeply infected as our pop culture is with the shambling undead, fictional worlds are a lot more fickle in their undead.

In TV’s THE WALKING DEAD, for example, zombie movies don’t seem to exist at all. When the dead walk, it is an unprecedented horror. In Alex McGilvery’s upcoming THE GODS ABOVE (2016), zombies thrive in popular culture and the novel opens with fun and festive “zombie walk” that quickly spirals into a too-real horror.

you can read the rest

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I'm a content editor and writer. If my I get my mojo back together I'll be completely NaNo in style and end up with a rough draft to let age. In December I'll be back to editing for other people, working on plot, character, tone and style to help the writer present the best book they can in without compromising their voice.

I work in two stages, doing a quick read through of the entire book to look for plot holes and major character issues. After I've completed that and the author has fixed the issues to their satisfaction I read the revised book and comment in detail on style and technical issues as well as making comments and suggestions on how character/plot etc is worked at the sentence and paragraph level.

The time to work with a content editor is right after you've done a first pass over your book to knock off the rough edges. This is not something for the month before your release date.

My fee is $300 USD for a 100k book, if your work is much longer or shorter than that, I will adjust accordingly, but $200 is the minimum charge. Each new prospective client gets a free no obligation edit of the first five thousand words of their book. I do consult on short pieces for $25 US an hour. If a client wants extensive mentoring, a price can be negotiated.

Check out more at my site where you can find books I've worked on and testimonials from clients. I can't guarantee you better sales, but I will help you write a better book.

I will be embarking on the NaNo journey in a few days, and this is with my Mo having run off with my muse to frolic on a beach in Tahiti, while the jo mourns lonely and abandoned refusing to do anything but listen to Akon "I'm so lonely' on repeat.

It will be an interesting month.

If you see Mo tell him all is forgiven and please come home.
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