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The one where I stand by my man and answer a two-year old tweet. 
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Well said. I'd rather depend on my husband's hunting skills and a farmer friend than the grocery store for quality meat. And when the budget allows, I supplement with chicken and pork from my local butcher - and I know the farms he gets them from.

I was in a chain 'superstore' getting some coffee when I passed the meat section and checked out what was being offered. Another shopper was talking to herself about the package she had in her hand: "Australia? Why would it say Australia and US as the origin?" I mentioned that the US also imports meat from South Korea and other places. Then I suggested that she not believe me, but to contact the Dept. of Agriculture online to confirm what I told her.

No need to be snarky - I took it as an opportunity to educate. But I have been known to be VERY FIRM when talking with someone about hunting vs. manufacturing. :D
Charlene - thank you for your thoughtful comment both here and on my blog. You can imagine the slight trepidation I felt publishing this post! I did give my readers a break and not include the photo of the deer. ;-) But as you say - This is the only way to be confident in knowing exactly what you are eating. I too feel that if people truly knew and saw where their food was coming from, more would switch their habits as a result. 
Oh yes, thank you for not posting the photo of the deer ;P I'll be the first to admit that I'm glad he does the field dressing - and gutting of fish when we go fishing - because I'm a weenie like that :D LOL

And I understand the trepidation. It's easy to flame and insult/offend people in private (the DM you received) than it is to have a thoughtful discussion. I'm on your side of things get too hairy for you! :D
hehehehe I'm a weeny too. We have a deal - if he makes it look like meat I'll cook it. :-D 

But like I said - he doesn't derive any pleasure from killing an animal. But he's willing to do what's needful to provide the best quality meat at budget-saving prices for our family. 
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