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Bath Domestic Cleaning Services

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Trust Our Talented
Domestic Cleaners

Pamper yourself with a restful timeout in your spotless home. With expert assistance from our professional cleaners, you don’t have to lift a finger. We provide a tailored, personalised cleaning service for busy homeowners. Of course, our domestic cleaners are fully trained and vetted, meaning they deliver a trustworthy service. We specialise in:

• Hoovering • Dusting • Wet Cleaning • Inside Windows •
• Making Beds • Laundry, On-Site •
• Ironing, On-Site •
• Carpet Cleaning and Treatments •
• Steam-Cleaning Of Curtains • Upholstery Steam Cleaning •

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Today, I paid a stranger to clean my home.
We aren’t wealthy. Far from it. We’re just a typical middle-class family living in middle America.
We have student loans from our college days (even though we’re climbing our way to age 40).
We shop the Target clearance section and rarely go on vacation.
We work a lot. When we’re not working, we’re spending time at kid activities or church functions or family birthday parties.
We have two girls who are quickly approaching the pre-teen stage, and one little dude who just turned 6 months old.
We’re tired. We’re so tired.
And at night, when we get home from where we’ve been, we’re checking homework and feeding kids and signing permission slips. We’re coordinating bath time and pick up times. We’re singing lullabies and saying prayers.
And by 9 pm (if we’re lucky) we’re planted on our couch to watch something mindless on Netflix, before our eyes drift off to sleep for another day.
And we love it. Gosh, we love it. This simple life is everything my husband and I dreamed of having.
We’re in a busy season. A tired season. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do something for ourselves every once in a while.
My breaking point came a few weeks ago. I sat down on my floor to clean another sticky something and noticed hand prints on our white cupboards. And cobwebs in the corner. And a glob of ketchup on the chair – leftover from a meal we had weeks ago.
I didn’t cry, nah, I know how dirty my house is. But I did laugh. And probably said a word my mother wouldn’t approve of. And then, right there, I made a decision to hire a house cleaner.
Because at night, I’m too tired to do it. And on the weekends, I want to spend more time with the people I love and less time with my broom.
Lazy? No. I don’t think so. Smart? Yes.
At this point in motherhood, I’ve figured out what to do to make myself happy, you know? And I’m not ashamed to do just that. Even if that means I have to tighten our budget just a bit more to make it happen.
So today, someone else cleaned my toilets.
Today, someone else scrubbed the stains from my kitchen sink.
Today, someone else picked up Legos my kids left behind.
Today, someone else stepped over piles of our dirty laundry.
Today, someone else cleaned off sticky fingerprints, and wiped down dirty counters and used a toothbrush to scrub the tiny corners of the bathroom floor.
Today, someone else helped this mama find a bit more sanity in her day which will, in turn, make me a better wife and mother to this family I love so much.
Don’t be afraid to do something that will make your life easier, friend. Believe me – you’re worth it.
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How do business's deal with fake google reviews apart from flagging them ?
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When you book a cleaning slot with BDC you know you are in expert hands!!! 
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Cleaners in Bath

OFFICE: 01225 466139
MOBILE: 07738 00 00 41

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#Cleaners #domesticcleaners #Bath  

Bath Domestic Cleaning Services - Cleaners in Bath

Services We Provide;

* Hoovering
* Dusting
* All wet cleaning
* Inside Windows
* Making Beds
* Laundry (on Site)
* Ironing (on site) or taken away
* Carpet Cleaning/Treatments
* Full exterior window cleaning service
* One off UPVC cleaning (windows/doors)
* Steam Cleaning of Curtains/Upholstery
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Bath Domestic Cleaning Services - Commercial Cleaners in Bristol

Once your cleaning slot has been arranged for you we will arrive regularly.
We do require that we are given a full 48 Hours notice for any cancellations, this enabling us the opportunity to fill your void slot.

(you may choose to have a daily/weekly/by weekly/monthly or irregular cleaning session~also one off cleans)

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#commercialcleaners #cleaningservices #bristol  

Bath Domestic Cleaning Services - Commercial Cleaners in Bristol

When you contact us we can swiftly arrange a cleaning slot for you, if nescessary and so required we will arrange to come to meet with you to discuss your requirements, this service is totally free and there is no obligation.

We will endeavour to put you at ease, providing you with checkable references from our client base and answer any queries that you may have.
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#commercialcleaners #cleaningservices #bristol  

Commercial Cleaners in Bristol

All staff are fully vetted and trained to be part of a team that provide Bath and the surrounding area with a reliable and efficient Domestic cleaning Service.
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