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((This is also a continuation of the thread below, which reached the 500 Mark. We're going to split it into to parts from here on out as it takes place in two different locations.

This part takes place at Alex's house but will soon move on from there. This thread includes includes Kevin Dar Wolfe, Conor Lewis, Danny and Kieran, and Parker Cinque))

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((This is a continuation of the thread listed below, which has reached the 500 Mark. We're going to split it into to parts from here on out as it takes place in two different locations.

This one takes place at a medical clinic run by Jack LaPine's company, and includes Jackson, Krissa and Alex.))

The Argus Safe House, 11:30 AM

Krissa steps back as Alex comes suddenly awake, on the lounge chair in the safe house's Chinese garden.

Forgive me for disrupting your nap," she says, bowing slightly to the wolf, "But you were whimpering in your sleep, and sounded quite agitated."

((Open RP to +Cece Universe  ...and everyone else.))
Claws and Cakes Bakery 6:30 Pm

A brightly colored banner hangs above the bakery’s front entrance, while enticing aromas waft out of the door every time it opens.

The banner reads simply, “MUSIC JAM TO-NITE!” while the air inside the bakery is rich with the smell of cinnamon, vanilla, and fruit fillings of various types.

In the back room, Ellie Pierrpoint and her crew are busily erecting a set of amplifiers and a Karaoke machine on a modular stage set. Per usual, the Lowesiana swamp bear is running a tight ship, fursonally making sure that every connection is hooked up properly. Nobody’s fool, Ellie has also made sure that every piece fof gear she brought from Main Street Music is tagged with a ‘for sale’ sign along with the asking price.

Off to one side, Al Carroux and Cap McCarr are equally busy, setting up a sound board. Unlike the other items the panther and big lion brought, this one is not for sale.

Al Turns and gives Ellie the thumbs up; Ellie nods and turns to Bermuda.

“Okay, we ready.” She says to the lynx-femme. “Y’all can let ‘em in any time.”

Bermuda turns and unlocks the front door, letting the crowd inside

((Open to all players, if you’ve got a character that sings or plays an instrument, or if you’re got one that isn’t and would just like to watch, please join in.))

Dr. Evelyn Woodhouse's office, 1:30 PM

New open RP -- open to all comers.

An 'open mike' Music Jam is about to kick off at Claws and Cakes Bakery in the Downtown District. All players with musical characters, singers and musicians, or all of the above, are invited to participate.

Another message will be posted to this thread when we're ready to begin. Please come and join us.

Dr. Parker Cinque's office 10:30 Am, Friday

Matt Pennanti sit in the waiting waiting room of Dr. Cinque's office, trying not to fidget. Sitting next to him is his son, Mark, engrossed in a magazine article. The Fisher knows better; how many OTHER 16-year-old kids read Sunset? His son is only trying to hide his face.

THAT has a lot to do with why he's here today.

"Okay," Pennanti says, for perhaps the 50th time, "You know how it works. Doctor Cinque will see me first, and then you'll be called in. Are you okay with that?"

The younger Fisher responds the way he always does, meekly and submissively.

""Y-Yes sir," he says, and buries his muzzle even more deeply in his copy of Sunset

Then the receptionist slides back the window of her 'office'.

Mr. Pennanti? Dr. Cinque will see you now."

((We reached the 500 mark on our last thread so continuing from here)

+Ethan Cooper (Exen Varga)1:40 AM

He begins to twist his wrist, inserting a claw into the keyhole. He eventually somehow get's them unlocked.

+Tyler Hannart 
+Ethan Cooper 

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(Open to +Ethan Cooper (Exen Varga)

Claws and Cakes Bakery -- 11:47 AM.

"Rodent car! Rodent car!"

"Relax, I see the little bollocks. How much further we got, then?"

Danny checks the Grrrmin GPS.

"We got about three more blocks."

Kieran nods and does a neat maneuver around a beer truck.

"First time I ever saw THAT guys pass up a brew," Danny grins from the back seat.

The sea-mink responds by shooting a pair of hooked fingers over his shoulder, the Irish equivalent of the classic American 'middle-finger' salute.

Danny sniggers and leans forward to speak to Exen.

"Okay, you know what you're supposed to do, right? Just go in, take a look around make a purchase, maybe ask about the Music Jam. We need to know how many doors the place has, where they are, where stage set-up's gonna be...Ahhh, you know the drill. You're basically casing the joint."

"There she is, boys," Kieran interrupts, pointing, "Claws an' Cakes bakery, up ahead on the corner...and would yer looky there, got a space just openin' up, right in front of the window."

"Excellent!" says Danny. Now he and Kieran can get a glimpse of the layout for themselves.

Moving swiftly, Kieran pulls the Rattor into the open space. He turns and starts to say something to Exen, but stops abruptly with his tail shivering like a seismograph pen.

"Holey cheese an' bloody CRACKERS!" he gasps, in a breathless voice.

"Wha-WHAT?" Danny demands, sharply, automatically going for his weapon.

Kieran's only response is to point with a shaky finger. The swift fox follows where he's indicating, and lets out a sudden yip of shock.


He and a Kieran turn to stare speechless at one another...and then all at once, the dam breaks.

"They've got CRONUTS!" the pair whoop in unison, and then give each other the high-five.

((OOC: The proprietor of Claws and Cakes is a lynx named Bermuda. You can find her profile in the Big Cat Profile section. ( You'll need to scroll down a bit ) Her player is +Cece Universe  Be sure and page her when Exen goes inside the bakery. As for what cronuts are, just Google the name.))

Jack LaPine  presses the buzzer on his desk intercom.


"Alex...uhm, 'Royal' is waiting to see you, sir."

"I suppose he wants a free drink!"  the big rabbit sneers to himself, and then, "All right, send him in."
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