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+ThePianoGuys It's Gonna Be OKAY

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Arduino Altrair 8800 Simulator

Wouldn't this be kind of cool?
Ever wanted to play with the computer that sparked the PC age but can't afford a vintage Altair? Build your own simulator with Arduino instead!

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Pololu (Robotics and Electronics) and Black Friday

Sign up to get a $7 off shipping coupon code to use for Pololu's Black Friday event.

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Raspbery Pi, Alexa, and HAL 9000
We just can't get enough of HAL 9000 replica builds here at Pi Towers.

Here's +Amazon Alexa Developers running within a HAL 9000, utilising the +Adafruit Industries's Massive Arcade Button.

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Sky Map for Android and the Supermoon

Do you need help finding the supermoon? If you have clear sky all around, you'll see it easily. But, if it happens to be behind some trees or buildings, you might not know which direction to go searching in.

This free app can help.

After installing it, open it and touch in the middle of the screen. A control panel on the right and left will open up.

The right one toggles automatic mode. You want to leave it in automatic so moving the phone around will show you what is supposed to be in that part of the sky.

The left one controls what information is displayed. They all default on and you might want to turn most of them off. The important one is the one that looks like Saturn. That icon shows planets and the moon.

If the compass is reasonably calibrated and accurate, you should be able to move the phone around the sky and when it is pointed at the moon, you'll see the moon in the display. Again, if you can see the moon, you don't need the app. But, the app will show you where the moon should be, even if a building is blocking your view.

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The science of staleness.
The science of staleness: how to bring chips and bread back from the dead

Reactions explains the science behind why your snacks get stale and what to do about it. Via

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Train - Play That Song

A new one from +Train. Lighthearted, upbeat... I like it. :)

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This is the Nexdock. It was an +Indiegogo project that I contributed to back in March. It's a universal dock that connects via HDMI and Bluetooth to provide a keyboard/display to anything that supports HDMI, a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse, and a 1366 x 768 display resolution.

As far as Indiegogo or Kickstarter projects go, this one went pretty well. Their estimated delivery was June and they made it in September. But, that's not unusual and actually probably better than average. Also, they had to deal with a fire at the factory that destroyed much of their inventory and some manufacturing defects.

The Nexdock is not for sale yet. They are still trying to finish up their Indiegogo deliveries. The Indiegogo project indicated the estimated retail price would be about $149.

Here's their website where you can be notified when they become available again.

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Sharknado 4

The saga continues on Sunday night. The entertainment value should far exceed that of either of the two recent political conventions. :)

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Ingress and Pokémon Go

I made this meme and shared it to the Ingress community. They removed it I suppose, because it contained the words Pokémon Go. Some seem to lack a sense of humor over there.
I'm sure like me, most of you are feeling a bit bombarded or almost overcome with all of the news articles about this Pokémon Go phenomenon. Our own beloved Ingress never received much attention.

I keep having these ideas for memes running through my head as a result. So, here's one.

And, I'm not hating on Pokémon Go. I'm trying it too. Although, I think I still much prefer Ingress.

I put an Enlightened badge on him, because that's what I am. I hope my Resistance friends can still appreciate the thought. :)
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