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Running great on my Grouper Nexus 7 and my Verizon S4. I was patiently waiting for a KK release. Thanks for all your work!
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Awesome guys!! Would highly recommend!! As a newbie to the turbo subaru world I had never had a car tuned professionally before. About two months ago I contacted HJ at Cobb Surgeline for some general tuning advise and wanted to see if he would take a look at my data logs and help me diagnose an under boosting issue I was having. To my surprise HJ was exceedingly kind and helpful. Patiently exchanging many emails with me and offering advice on how to best take advantage of my nearly stock OTS tune. I wasn't even a customer at this point. He helped me and I was very grateful. Two months later I knew exactly who I was going to take my car too to get my stage 2 upgrade and pro tune since they treated me so kindly before. Since I live 3 hours away I wanted to cram everything into one day and they were more than happy to oblige me. I showed up in the early morning right at opening time and HJ greeted me very warmly. He told me since my car was going to be in all day I might want to find some entertainment for the day and suggested a few places and a movie theater, but he also told me I was more than welcome to hang out in their comfortable lobby and play xbox or watch a movie. I opted to stick around as I didn't wanna miss anything on my first tune. I hung around all day and HJ chatted with me amiably and was very friendly. As I was waiting I watched Chris their tuner perform a tune on a 2015 STI. They have a tv on the wall in the lobby and a window to view the Dyno room so you can see everything he is doing on the TV (it shows exactly what he has on his computer inside the car) very cool. I watched him do his thing and push some substantial gains out of a nearly stock STI (well over 300 awhp). I was very impressed. After he finished he came in and spoke to the customer at length about the tune and patiently and friendly answered any questions he had. It was apparent from listening to him that he was a wealth of knowledge and experience on the subject. He stayed until the customer had no more questions. Very nice guy. Later into the afternoon HJ told me that there was a complication with my car and they were unable to perform the dyno tune. I was very bummed. He brought me to the back garage to talk to the technician about it. They explained that the valve cover gasket was folded over and leaking boost and oil, and when it first came in it was warm and passed the pre-dyno inspection but after it cooled it showed the leak. HJ told me they could fix it, or I could go get it fixed elsewhere. Either there wasn't enough time in the day to perform the tune. I told him it would be some time before I could get back up for a pro tune and asked if there was any possible way they could perform the tune today if I paid them to fix the leak. He said he would have to ask his tuner and his technician if they were willing to stay late for me and finish the job so I could get my tune. They were both happy to stay late to get it done for me. It was awesome! Chris the tuner approached me personally and told me that since I had performed all the maintenance on the car and did all their recommendations (new O2 sensor \, MAF sensor) for a good tune, that he would be more than happy to stay late and tune it for me. I was soo happy and relieved. It was about 5pm before my car rolled onto the Dyno (their usual closing time). They had another complication. My car was too low to not scrape on the dyno. LOL. He pulled it back off to remove my skidplate. Finally my tune commenced. Since we were the only ones there chris came inside several times to speak with me about what I wanted out of the tune. It went well. My car was making about 190 mostly stock when I came in on an OTS stage 1 map. When Chris finished I was making 250 awhp with those new sensors, full cobb turboback exhaust, uppipe, and Chris's stellar protune. I was so happy. My car feels like an entirely new car and sounds amazing. Great job Cobb you guys are amazing!! I will recommend them to anyone I meet and go back for future work for sure!!
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Awesome people, great locally roasted coffee, great place!
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