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Rosebud's Baby
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Doing the happy dance

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HTC One Max? Can't be that different from the One. 
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Bummer - not sure what to say there, I can't see anything in the play store listings that could reasonable be a One Max that isn't enabled. The model number didn't show up either.
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It's Community Docs Jam today! We want to fix
to better represent our community, and who better than our community to
help providing that content? So join us today, pick an area in which
you're interested on and give
us a hand adding content.

As a reminder, and to provide some more context, here's Jono's original
blog post for this initiative [1]:

Improving Community ‘Getting Involved’ Documentation

For quite some time now we have had some information about how to join
the Ubuntu community at [][]. This documentation
has traditionally been pretty limited, doesn’t really help get people
started effectively, and doesn’t represent the humanity and personal
nature of being part of the Ubuntu community.

We want to change that in this cycle.

At UDS we had a great discussion about solving this problem. The
challenge that we were faced with in refreshing this content is that the
Canonical web team own these pages and have limited bandwidth for
incorporating changes and improvements. As such we agreed to transition
this content to a site where we can more readily make improvements and

This week I asked Michael Hall to deploy WordPress (which we agreed at
UDS as our platform) with the Ubuntu theme to CanoniStack. Today we had
a discussion to flesh out the information architecture for the site
(largely inspired by the current IA). We are now in a position where we
have the skeleton of the site and we want to produce some awesome
content tuned to the needs of new community members, as well as other
content for our entire community (such as information about governance
and the code of conduct).

To get this content in shape we have created a series of pages on
`` for each page of content and we are transferring our
existing content to these pages. We as a community can then collaborate
on these pages and ensure they are crisp, concise, and provide all the
information we need. When these pages are complete we can then
transition them to the WordPress instance. When the content is there we
will then ask the Canonical IS team to deploy it.

Help Us! Join the Docs Jam!

To get this content in shape, on *Thursday 13th Dec 2012* we are going
to be holding a documentation jam to work together and get this content
refined and finalized. This is how it works:

-   You can see the list of pages and the links to the pads [by clicking
-   We will spend the day working on the content, refining and improving
    it and ensuring there are no typos.
-   All the content should be writting using [Markdown][] format; this
    makes it simple to write and merge into the WordPress site. For how
    to format your content with Markdown, see [this guide][Markdown].
-   We will coordinate this work in the `#ubuntu-doc` channel.

The day after we will then move the completed content over to the
WordPress site and finalize any stylistic changes. We should then be in
good shape to get things moved over to production.

We are looking to our wider community to help us get this content rock
solid. If you have a few hours (or longer) to help with this effort,
please join us in `#ubuntu-doc` on *Thursday 13th Dec 2013*!
Fast, secure and stylishly simple, the Ubuntu operating system is used by 20 million people worldwide every day.
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I went, I looked, I'm confused as to how this "pad" works; however, what I saw in the "seeded" areas looked good.  I just don't feel I have the expertise to add in the "needed" areas.
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Well, I've been trying for the last year or so to get this thing off the ground, and we just can't seem to get people to show up for IRC meetings. So, here's one alternative we could use. Anyone have any other ideas for getting this group going?
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You may want to add the sc loco to the Ubuntu Community page under local communities.
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Episode 2
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Please keep in mind that when you thank a veteran or military member this weekend, they might not have the best reaction to it.
You see, while most people are celebrating and barbecuing, we are remembering. We are remembering our friends that we served with who went off to war and never came home. We are wondering how many more people whose lives touched ours suffered the same fate. We are searching Facebook for old friends that we haven't heard from in years and years, hoping for some confirmation that they made it through. So, while I'll likely be joining you in some beer and barbecue. Please, don't thank me for my service. This weekend is not about me or anyone else who came home. This weekend we remember.
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Well said.

Jon Rasmussen

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Looking good so far... Are there any plans to add a reddit login, so I can just get the feeds I want on my frontpage?
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Thank you Jon, the new 14.04 is fantastic.  My computer is now working like it should.  
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The first +Ubuntu SC LoCo meeting for the year is tomorrow night on our IRC channel. Check the page events for details.
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Jon Rasmussen

Discussion  - 
January 31, 2013 at 7:00pm come join us on our IRC Channel where we'll discuss goals and direction for our LoCo as well as Ubuntu Phone and 13.04. 

#ubuntu-us-sc at
Javascript is required to use IRC.
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