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Prosumer, Software, Developer, Android, Java, App
Prosumer, Software, Developer, Android, Java, App


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Now, it's USD2.75.
The price of Sherlock has been changed from $3.2 to $2.75.
Hope you to use a paid version, so that we can update this app more frequently.

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This promotion is scheduled to be end on this weekend (2015/07/18).
Don't miss this chance!
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If you think that there is a bug on saving file for it fails sometime, then please check the permission of a file or folder.
Especially, check that the file is not opened by another software. No program can write a file if it is hold by another process.

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Lite version has a blue triangle on its icon.
Paid version and Lite version are different app.
So, when you have purchased an app, then launch the app with an icon that has no blue triangle on it.
Also, you'd better remove the lite version, because you don't need it any more.
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The sounds included in the app is recorded with high-quality music equipment. And the pitch has been checked with several MIDI devices.
The sound played by the app (including the Tuner) is accurate (A=440Hz). 

As you know, chord wheel has a loop option that plays chord/scale sounds repeatedly.
You can activate or deactivate this feature via Settings screen.
This feature is linked to play buttons, but not linked to a chord wheel.
So when this feature is enabled, the looping can be started by a play button. And it can be stopped by touching the wheel to play some sound.
In the next update, a stop button will be added.

Application itself never displays a numeric error code. 
When you saw a message with a numeric error code during the installation, in most cases, it's probably an error message from the Google Play Store app.
I can't tell the best solution of this issue, cause I've never meet the error yet. but there're lots of documents you can find on the web.
It's not what can be fixed by the application developer, it's not an error from the app.

Sherlock 2.0.1 has been uploaded. This is a minor fix for Android 2.x.
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