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Did you hear about the magician who lost his rabbit?

He was a hare shy.

I should be selling these to Laffy Taffy.

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Did you create an indie analog game last year? Submit your tabletop rpg, board/card game, or LARP to the Indie Groundbreaker Awards hosted by the IGDN. Help us showcase the amazing and diverse talent we have in the industry!

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Going to #GameStorm between March 30th and April 2nd? I'll be running two sessions each of Psi-punk and the upcoming Survival of the Able. Sign-ups close this Friday and there's still some room available. Why not join me? 

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Anyone want to spot me $10k?

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For the curious. Also, she is a lot better at this than I am.

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Looking for a no-cost entry into a great Supers RPG? Look WHAT +Third Eye Games just released.
Look at that! Third Eye Games just released a QuickStart for AMP: Year One! Share it around so new people can try it and come to love it as much as we all do here! 

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If you Google “2016 sucks” you’ll see a lot of links to people talking about how deplorable this year was. One YouTube channel even summed up the entire year with this fake horror movie trailer, which is definitely worth a watch. 2016 wasn’t all doom and gloom though, and I’d like to end the year with a look back at some of the positive things that happened.

See my 2016 Year in Review at:

I just finished Gilmore GIrls: A Year in the Life.

It was fantastic, but those writers are so evil._

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+Eloy Lasanta is doing an Ask Me Anything about the new Pip System core rules. Now's a great opportunity to find out more about it. 
I'm open to doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) about the revised Pip System! 80% of the material is off for editing so we can get it ready for playtesters. Oh man, you guys are in for a treat!
Ask away!

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Jacob Wood commented on a post on Blogger.
A fantastic list as usual. One thing seems to have been left out though: Fudge 10th Anniversary Edition. It was released in 2005 and was a print book.
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