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I'll be running Survival of the Able, my Fudge-inspired game of survival horror in the Middle Ages, during #VirtuaCon 17. Join me on Sunday, October 8th, at 9a.m PT. I will be using Google Hangouts to run the game.

Only four seats are available, so get 'em quick.

What's with the long-term radio silence?

Over the last year and a half, I was hard at work earning my Bachelor's degree in Management and Organizational Leadership. It was a lot of work, but it was completely worth it.

Now that I've accomplished that, it's on to some job searching. In the meantime, I'm slowly getting back into things with Accessible Games.

Currently I'm developing a relationship with Dots RPG (, a company which is making Braille versions of several great games.

I'm also working on Survival of the Able, which I will be playtesting soon at Gauntlet Con, an online RPG convention from October 20th to 22nd.

For the Psi-punk fans out there, I'll also be running an adventure at Gauntlet Con and am hoping to wrap up Safe Room, a sourcebook for security features, and Drones. I don't have a timeline for these yet, but they're both pretty far along in the first draft stage right now.

There are other things on the horizon, but Survival of the Able and Psi-punk are my two biggest priorities right now.

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The Indie Game Developer's Network has launched their annual Metatopia Scholarship fundraiser. This year they're raising the bar: they'd like to send 8 designers from traditionally underserved or marginalized demographics to the event, which would be one more than last year.

Anything you can contribute will help serve these great people and, perhaps, help give a voice to a new game designer who otherwise wouldn't get the chance to shine.

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This was my first speech at Toastmasters, the "icebreaker." It's entitled "If I Hadn't Gone Blind."

my 3-year-old is learning how to use the Amazon Echo.
Gareth: "Lexa, play Barbaan"
Alexa: "I can't find songs by Bobby Land."
Gareth: "A-Lexa! Play Baba An!"
Alexa: "Playing 'Baa baa black sheep."
Gareth: "ALEXA! Play Barba An by the Beach Boys!"
Alexa: "Playing Barbara Ann by the Beach Boys."
Gareth: "That's better."

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Making HPS accessible to as many people as possible was a goal for both ScreenPlay and High Plains Samurai, a lesson learned from my experiences with Killshot. So when +Jacob Wood asked to interview me about that very topic, it was a pleasure to address how important it was to make a game for as many people as possible.

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+Todd Crapper's High Plains Samurai is finally on #Kickstarter. I've been waiting for this for a long time.

Did you hear about the magician who lost his rabbit?

He was a hare shy.

I should be selling these to Laffy Taffy.

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Did you create an indie analog game last year? Submit your tabletop rpg, board/card game, or LARP to the Indie Groundbreaker Awards hosted by the IGDN. Help us showcase the amazing and diverse talent we have in the industry!

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Going to #GameStorm between March 30th and April 2nd? I'll be running two sessions each of Psi-punk and the upcoming Survival of the Able. Sign-ups close this Friday and there's still some room available. Why not join me?
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