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Paul Matthews
Googler, Cyclist, Snowboarder and Amateur Photographer
Googler, Cyclist, Snowboarder and Amateur Photographer
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Introducing #AndroidThings the awesome development platform for IoT and hacking in your home :D

I also managed to play with this on a $35 Raspberry Pi 3, which which makes it the cheapest Android device I've ever used...

So you know that Pi 3 you've got sitting in your house, go get hacking on it now :-p
Announcing updates to Google’s Internet of Things platform: Android Things and Weave

Today we are announcing a full range of solutions to make it easier to build secure smart devices and get them connected. We are releasing a Developer Preview of Android Things, an operating system for connected devices that has the support and scale of existing Android developer infrastructure. You can now develop IoT software using Android Studio and the Android SDK. We are also updating the Weave platform to provide an easy way to add cloud connectivity and management to devices, and enable access to Google services like the Google Assistant and many more over time.

Learn more about Google’s IoT platform from our blog post at

#AndroidThings   #Weave  

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Black and White Waterfall

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Great to see uses of Firebase Dynamic links making a difference for developers!
Inkwire - Firebase Dynamic Links

In case you missed it, Inkwire is my upcoming remote assistance app.

Anyways, Firebase introduced a "Dynamic Links" feature at Google I/O. This lets you deep link into an app, before the app is even installed. Dyamic Links enabled me to build one of the headline features of Inkwire, which IMHO makes the setup experience super seamless.

You can send your friend a link that requests them to share their screen. If they don't have Inkwire installed, it prompts them to install it, and then upon opening the app, it immediately starts your screen share session. No need to pass around access codes or fiddle with anything else. Check out the video below, the Android on the right doesn't have Inkwire installed when it receives the request to share its screen.

Inkwire Beta (now available):

Random tidbit. Here's the moment I found my inspiration:

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If you're developing an app and you've not been testing with N for the past few months, go do it now!

It's super easy to get the preview images and load up your APK.
Android N APIs are finalized with Dev Preview 4

Along with our 4th Developer Preview now available through new system images and through the Android Beta program (, you can now compile and publish apps using API 24 - the finalized APIs for #AndroidN.

Check out the blog post for more details and continue to file issues on the issue tracker:

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Great updates to the Firebase product, I've had some fun over the last few months hacking with them and they can seriously cut down engineering effort.

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Misson Ranch, Carmel by-the-sea.

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Sunset and Sheep

#Sheep   #Carmel   #sunset  

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Facebook goes Material Design

Looks stylish!

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AMP is the new hotness in the publishing world

The creator of AMP will be presenting and taking questions, so if you're interested in finding out more tune in!
I'll give a quick overview about how AMP achieves its performance and then will be available for Q&A in this Hangout on Air tomorrow morning! Looking forward to all of your questions!

And there will be a video on YouTube after, of course.

Tune in at:
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