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Here's another resource.

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Here is another correspondence connection possibility for members of this community. Its Google's Hangout app that available in Google's Web Store. Its an "Extension" app that I know works if you are using the Chrome Operating system on your computer or phone. Once you "add it to Chrome" from the Web Store, an icon is placed just beyond the URL bar for you to activate the app. I would welcome the connection with anyone in this community. ~~ What I don't know is whether it works on a Windows or Mac operating system. Someone more tech savvy than me may know that. What do you think?

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This post was originally written in May 2015. After just reviewing it now, thinking, "Oh, what the heck", I'm going to share it publicly in this collection as I give thought to the larger question of whether I really want to post publicly on a regular basis. Here goes.


Two thoughts regarding my Parkinson's Disease occurred to me today, and I wanted to try out this new "Collections" app as part of G+ so here goes both.

The two PD thoughts came as I visited the neurologist today for the current clinical trial exam. The second thought first. Because I was having blood drawn I had to refrain from taking the (new to me) PD med I've recently begun. And, indeed, I was conscious of my tremor. But it wasn't until the blood draw was completed and I had had opportunity to take my med (Sinemet) that I noticed and realized the lesser intensity of the tremor, and my own physical calmness. Until this event I had been kind of guessing at the relative efficacy of the meds as the prescription had eased me onto them slowly over six weeks. Though the tremor is still present and bothersome, I'll say its much less intense now, and that is satisfying.

The first thought that had caught my attention came while I waited alone for the neurologist to return from between sessions of the exam.(This clinical trial is testing to see if Isradipine might slow the progression of the disease. I have no clue.) Anyway, I was reflecting on where I'm at in what is often referred to, with regard to PD, as a journey, and my reflection included a consideration of writing it out as I have attempted with a blog.And wondering why I have not continued the blogging, it occurred to me that (I have long known) I am a very private person. And anyway, PD, like many other, if not most, diseases is something we can really only experience privately. But now, as I see this thought out in written form, I'm not so sure of that. Perhaps others do have a genuine interest in my personal condition, just as I have in the conditions others experience. This will require some more thought.

And finally, here I am trying out this brand new (yesterday) app (Collections) Google has appended to G+. Let's give it a go and see how it works. (Oh, and btw, I am now better able to manage the laptop keyboard again. Good meds.)

Tremors notwithstanding, its a beautiful morning in Minneapolis at 33 degrees heading for a temp today of 48! The sun is shining and that helps put Spring in mind. In the midst of the noon hour I'll gather myself together (its a chore) and go to the gym for my exercise regimen. (My wife, Anna, goes at 8am!) ~ I did accomplish some further work on a home budgeting spreadsheet that I had started several years ago. Its almost totally unnecessary as my wife does a perfectly good job managing the finances. But this is my way (according to my personality) of getting to know how our money works. AND it gives me reason to use the computer and the Google app. ~ Now its back to reading in the meantime. ~~ I hope your day is good wherever you are.

Well let's see how this works now. Inspired by +Fiona Purchase and +Paul Waxweiler, I'm going to try to continue and promote some discussion in this community. So, a sunny day Sunday Greeting to you all. What inspired me to post on this occasion was Paul Waxweiler's comment about how much he likes his Samsung smartphone. That reminded me of how much I like my little Chromebook (an Acer), and my commitment to the cloud-based products of Google. I like the Google products so much that long before I got the chromebook I had an HP netbook (a very small laptop) and on that I used Chrome from when it became available. The apps I use principally are Google Docs and Sheets (spreadsheets), and Google Photos where I now keep and edit all my pics. But I guess I don't have to promote Google products to you all here on Google+. With the limitations brought about by PD, the computer along with books and magazines keeps me going. I do still do household and yard chores, I bike in good weather, and I am pretty regular with gym-time exercise. Wishing you all a good day.

Greetings to all in this community. At age 74 I was diagnosed 4.5 years ago (August 2012). My symptoms began to show in 2006. I'm a dedicated introvert and pretty shaky so I don't know how often I'll post. But I am eager to know how others are getting along. When you are able to be active, what is it you most like to do? What do you most miss? What part of the world do you live in?
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