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A Cut In The Right Direction
A Cut In The Right Direction


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We have diamond saw blades for almost any application you can imagine | Visit or call us at 414-217-2103 today! #Diamondblade, #tools, #construction, #saws
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Do you ever get on some difficult hard concrete that diamonds don't seem to scratch the surface through? Apply some of this before hand and it should make your life a lot easier breaking the creme of that concrete and maintaining a consistent scratch pattern.
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#XtremeHard | Environmentally Friendly Concrete Densifier
Available in 4 different sizes!

-Colloidal-Silica Nano-Technology Densifying Agent
-Low pH Formula ~8.7
-No caustic gel to scrub off as seen in lythic densifiers
-Contains no harsh chemicals
-Environmentally friendly
-LEED Qualified
-Resists oils and chemicals
-Helps reduce tire track marks
-Will not discolor over time
-No hazardous materials to dispose of
-Lowest cost densifier per square foot
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20" Genie Magic Walk Behind Floor Scrubber | Designed for most cleaning applications and facility sizes. This scrubber is primarily used for floor surface cleaning. Also the advanced flexibility of this machine allows changing the hard brush to soft brushes or scouring pads for carpets and wooden floors. Why waste time and money mopping and cleaning? Save time and money with this machine!

Learn more:
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These new #NEOFLEX diamond resin polishing pads are engineered for a highly lustrous finish on natural stone. Flexible for long life over flat and convex/concave surfaces. Designed for hand grinders and floor machines. Polish granite, marble and natural stone!
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Simix Multi-Surface Coating Sealer | 1 Gallon Concentrate
Covers 7,500 Square Feet
Used For Sealing: VCT Tile, Terrazzo, Polished Concrete, Hard Tile & Grout, Natural Stone, Epoxy, Urethane, Linoleum, Marmoleum, Polyurethane Treated Wood Flooring on all interior & exterior concrete, roof & vertical surfaces
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The Ginormous Genie is here! 
Ginormous Genie
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Ameripolish Surelock Concrete Dye 

Ameripolish Surelock dye not only penetrates the surface but, unlike competitive products, it chemically bonds to the concrete. Ameripolish Surelock dye contains UV-stabilizers for long-lasting performance.  Pre-dissolved concentrate liquid is fast and easy to use: dilute to working strength and its immediately ready to apply. Penetrating agent included in the dye eliminates mixing steps and delivers deep, rich colors.

• SureLock Dye provides consistent color that penetrates the surface layer of the concrete when mixed with the SureLock Densifier.
• Bonds with the other SureLock Color System components to protect color in slab.
• Is available in a broad range of vibrant colors.
• Contains UV stabilizer to help protect colorants in concrete against fading.
• Liquid concentrate eliminates 3-hour wait to dissolve dye required by other products.
• VOC compliant (< 40g/L)

Available Colors:
Black, Burnt Sienna, Caramel, Chestnut, Chocolate Brown, Eggplant, Forest Green, Gold, Gray, Green, Mahogany, Maroon, Midnight Black, Patriot Blue, Pine Green, Raw Sienna, Red, Saddle Brown, Sand, Sepia, Slate Blue, Terra Cotta, Turquoise, and Walnut.

Available Sizes:
6-Ounces = $10.00 (Covers ±25 ft2) 
1-Gallon = $55.00 (Covers ±500 ft2) 
5-Gallons =  $225.00 (Covers ±2500 ft2)

#Ameripolish   #Surelock   #Concrete   #Dye   #Diamondblades4us  
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Xtreme Polishing Systems "CONCRETE GENIE" Floor Grinder, Polisher, Edge Grinder 3-in-1 Concrete Floor Grinder

• 2-Head; Gear-Driven 5HP Siemens
• 220V | Single-Phase | 15-Amps
• 400 Pounds w/ Weight Collar
• Grinds up to 1/4" From Edge (When polishing or grinding)
• Variable speed 0-1575 RPM (Prep or Polish) 

Included with the purchase of the Concrete Genie:
(1) Brand new Concrete Genie Grinding and Polishing Machine 
(2) 1" Thick Dual Cavity Aircraft Aluminum Magnetic Plates 
(6) Velcro Backed Adapter Pads Needed For Resins 

Production Rates:
Mastic Removal: 200 Sq. Ft. / Hr 
Thin Set Removal: 200 Sq. Ft. / Hr 
Mil Coatings Removal: 50 Sq. Ft. / Hr 
Concrete Polishing Rates: 300 Sq. Ft. / Hr Per Step

#XPS   #XtremePolishingSystems   #ConcreteGenie   #XPSCG500   #floorgrinders   #polishedconcrete   #diamondblades4us  
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