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Kimiko Martinez
The only ones for me are the mad ones ...
The only ones for me are the mad ones ...

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The dance
When he smiles at her she blushes and looks away before looking back --- April PAD Day 17 - dance

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A little death
The death begins when you simply walk into the room First, you steal my breath Then my thoughts and all my senses The rigormortis of anxious anticipation stiffens each muscle as you walk in my direction You kiss my flushed cheek and this world all but disap...

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Baby let me rest my head in that sacred hollow of chest that you call an unfortunate flaw of fetal development, cursing your mother for her original sin against you but that I find most sweet where cheek on skin is a kiss goodnight and muscle barely muffles...

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Exercising your rights
I used to think rights were like my skeleton god-given, sturdy, and strong the foundation of being a human But now I think rights are more like a muscle pliant, moveable and changing needing to be flexed to remain strong --- April PAD Day 25 - exercise

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Dead end
It was no secret that he beat her we all saw the bruises heard the excuses knew she wasn't as clumsy as she purported to be --- April PAD Day 30 - dead end

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Take off
At the beginning there's a rumbling a flutter of excitement as we run hand in hand toward some unknown destination where we will both soar together or soon crash land --- April PAD Day 27 - take off

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Diem Perdidi
Inspired by Julie Otosuka's short story, which I read for the first time today and was tremendously moved. I was in fifth grade when I learned what it was to forget that my grandmother would sometimes misplace her keys or lose herself completely in the spac...

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Black holes
I saw this hauntingly beautiful piece at the Portland Art Museum today and was absolutely struck by it; the hair, the ears, the neck, the shoulders look just like my son ... and the anguish just moved me nearly to tears. It's like someone took a psychic x-r...

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his face droops on the right though he doesn't know it he hasn't looked in the mirror for over a year of course, when he cocks his head, as he often does, staring at the world from a permanent 2 o'clock tilt the waterfall of features is less noticeable the ...

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Glass slipper
She hadn't realized when they first met that this glass slipper would shatter --- April PAD Day 23 - footwear
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