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Mickey Asteriou
I am a fat, boring nerd.
I am a fat, boring nerd.

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That I can buy the UK extended special edition of Mark Lewisohn's "All These Years" Beatles biography as a hardcover, but that DRM prevents me from getting the ebook version is disgustingly stupid. (It would make even more sense if I could buy the special edition domestically, but his American publishers are stupid too.)

WTF, Hollywood! There are more colors in the world than just blue & brown! Quit making every movie look the same!

New movie idea: a zombie version of "Stand By Me".

Just back from Wayne County's hazardous waste collection at HFCC in Dearborn. Very well organized and efficiently run. Got rid of decades' worth of electronics in minutes.

Hmm. It appears the internet has made May 4 as annoying as April 1.

To Archbishop Vigneron: Your Excellency, why do you look for the speck in my eye, but do not notice the huge fricking old growth forest in your own?

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Do the sensible thing. Sign the White House petition to ban the ridiculousness known as Daylight Saving Time.

Sorry, Caché. Your name is not allowed. You can be either Cache or Cachet. You don't get to split the difference by bastardizing words. Enough people mispronounce "cache" as it is without you encouraging them.

Didn't plan on watching "Mea Maxima Culpa" on Benedict XVI's last day but it turned out to be quite appropriate. Dear future Pope, it's time to clean up your house. ...Too bad this will never happen.
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