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OPT Decor Pvt. Ltd.
We provide a wide range of services and product to our clients to make sure that all the requirements are fulfilled under one roof.
We provide a wide range of services and product to our clients to make sure that all the requirements are fulfilled under one roof.


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The design process encompasses the architectural design, the development of the structural concept , the analysis of the steel structure and the verification of members. Steel solutions are lighter than their concrete equivalents, with the opportunity to provide more column-free flexible floor space, less foundations and a fast, safe construction programme.
A truss is essentially a triangulated system of straight interconnected structural elements. The most common use of trusses is in buildings, where support to roofs, the floors and internal loading such as services and suspended ceilings, is readily provided. Trusses are commonly used in a range of buildings including airport terminals, aircraft hangers, sports stadia roofs, auditoriums and other leisure buildings . Trusses are also used to provide large column-free spaces in commercial buildings. The main reasons for using trusses are:
To span large distances
To provide a lightweight solution
To control deflection
To support heavy loads.

Trusses may be exposed within the structure and be fabricated from hollow sections for aesthetic appeal. Large loads may require the use of open sections (UKC, typically) or sections built up from plate. In all cases, the additional fabrication costs make trusses more expensive than conventional beam and column structures
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Tensile Structure
We are Manufacturer and supplier of Tensile Structures. Our Tensile fabric structures are pre-engineered and fabricated to give you world-class aesthetic weather-proofing solutions. We offer you different tensile structure like Waterproof Tensile Structure, Sun Sheds Tensile Structures, Modern Tensile Structures, Designer Tensile Structures, Residential & Commercial Tensile Structures, Roofing Tensile Structure, Modular Tensile Structure, Tent Tensile Structures, Stadium Tensile Structures & many more.
TS can be used for Car Parking Sheds, Swimming Pool Covers, Canopies, Awnings, Garden Umbrellas, Walkways coverings etc
Tensile Structures by us are known for aesthetic looks. Our aim is to provide perfect solution to customers. You can get this at very reasonable price. It is manufactured by using good quality of fabric ( Ferrari )as per desiged choosen by customer.

Tensile Membrane structures are made of M.S. or S.S. pipes, fixed with Cables, Plates, Brackets, Elongation systems and are draped with 100% water-proof, washable, fire resistant, mildew resistant and dust repellant Tensile Lacquer Coated Fabrics.
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Opt Peb - Its new Brand of OPT Decor Pvt. Ltd. for Pre-Engineered Building or Pre-fabricated Product...
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Opt Peb 
 Its steel Building...
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Pre - Engineered Building (PEB)
Pre Engineered Buildings are the state of the art steel solution for developing an efficient and cost effective infrastructure. 

Pre Engineered Buildings are manufactured and erected in accordance with all the Indian and international standards and codes such as IS800 (draft), International Building Code, Metal Building Manufacturers Association, Inc manual (MBMA), American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc. (AISC), American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), American Welding Society (AWS D.1.1.04).

Pre Engineered Building is a steel structure, built over structural concept of primary member. Secondary member and the cover sheeting are connected to each other.
• PEBs offer ultimate design with flexible and extremely short construction time
• Low initial cost
• Economical.
• Superior product quality matching with International Standards
• Aesthetically appealing
• Flexibility in expansion
• Maintenance free.
• Clear spans up to 80 M.

• Power House Buildings
• Warehouse Buildings
• Industrial Buildings
• High Rise Buildings
• Cold Storages and Cold Rooms
• Aircraft-Hangars
• Commercial Complexes, Malls & Showrooms.
• Gymnasiums and Sports Halls, Indoor stadiums.
• Institutional Buildings, School Buildings,Laboratories,Work shops
• Steel Plants and Auxiliary Buildings
• RAILWAY platform shelters
• Petrol Bunks and many more.
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Our experienced engineers work closely to design pre- fabricated structure, space frames as per owner’s requirement and site conditions
This stage consists of a computer structural analysis to provide all the calculations that satisfy code requirement
Shop drawings are sent to the factory for fabrication; manufacture all structural members and accessories for complete installation.
The pre-fabricated structures or space frames are assembled on the ground and installed using crane or scaffolding. The structure will undergo full and complete final inspection after installation
The roofing and cladding of these structures can be done by A.C. sheet, corrugated G.I. sheet, pre coated colored sheets, aluminum sheets and for transparent roof, beside laminated safety glass, polycarbonate sheets, fiber glass or acrylic sheets can be used.
The roof slop can be adjusted but the minimum recommended slop is 3%.
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Steel Warehouse formed by Steel Coloum , Steel Beam ,Bracing ,Purlin , all the Steel Structure Fabricated in Workshop and delivery to Project site , quickly installation , green building and save manpower .
Steel warehouse could used for a wide range of project needs – from commercial (Car Shed ,Exhibition Hall ) to agricultural (metal barns, storage sheds) to industrial (Workshop, equipment storage).
Steel Structure Warehouse is more durable and can be coated with aluminum compounds to prevent rusting. They are also cheaper and much quicker to construct since all of the drilling, cutting, and welding is done before the components are sent to the construction site to be assembled. One of the final benefits of pre-engineered steel buildings(PEB) is that the overlapping panels offer better insulation to keep the building warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
Steel Structure Warehouse usually cost a little less than normal buildings. The construction process with pre-engineered steel buildings is usually not affected by delays like normal construction. Since the building just needs to be assembled, there are rarely any surprise cost increases. Also, these buildings can be assembled and erected by almost anyone, so labor costs are reduced and you save you time in the process.
The advantage of Steel Structural Warehouse as follows
1) Light Deadweight , large span ,great strength ,
2)Finished Quickly , fast construction ,
3) Anti-fire , anti-rust ,
4) Green building , enveronmental protection .
5) Easily Installation , save manpower
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