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I was playing online canasta this morning with someone I've known (in person) for 5 years. I came very close to calling her a traitor when she said that we (America) deserved the 911 attack. It seems she believes that we deserved the attack because of what we've done to other countries and because prayer was taken out of the classroom. I don't know if I can ever consider her a friend again or ever play with her. I was stunned by her announcement..

While reviewing expense files I realized that I use over 10,000 sheets of printer paper a year. I rarely print anything personal so it's mainly all business. At least it's a tax deduction.

I loaned a friend my spare car and last night she hit a deer on the way home from work. She's okay, thank the good lord. Just a little banged up. We did find out that both airbags were in working order. I only carry liability on that car and she is insisting on paying for the repairs. If she wants to pay for the repairs I'm going to give her the car. It's a 1997 Ford Taurus that I purchased for $2000 back in 2005. I drove it until last year and the only things I had replaced over the years is the water pump and battery. Damn car, just won't die.

I just finished the last of my clients tax returns. And, I did it before the deadline. Unreal.

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I am so glad I have these. It's rained for the 2nd day in a row in Lower Alabama thanks to the tropical storm.

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This is sad. I've had to pick up antibiotics at the pet store until I could afford to have my prescription filled. Thank heavens I have coverage thru the VA now.

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Who knew that the Computer was based off the Toilet? LMFAO!

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My mother called this afternoon because there was a snake in her house. It was hard not to laugh when she said 'it's too skinny to be poisonous, but I want it out of here anyway'. I sent my young son over there to rescue mom from the King Snake.

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I decided to upgrade my hurricane tracking software only to find out that it is no longer supported. Starstone suggested the following website for tracking storms.

I'm very proud to announce that I have lost my first full pound on the HCG Diet.
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