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What page title should the English Wikipedia entry on Open Access get? The current one is "Open access (publishing)". Alternatives are being discussed at . Please chime in.
Surhone, LM, Tennoe, MT, & Henssonow, SF (2010). "Open Journal Systems: GNU general public license, Public knowledge project, Open access (publishing)". Betascript Publishing. Click to s...
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simply "open access" - OA is a much broader topic than just open access publishing. The latter could be its own topic, if anyone has time for writing.
Sure - that would be the favourite of many from the scientific end. The problem here is that currently serves as a disambiguation page, and previous discussions indicate that there is not a lot of willingness to have this slot occupied by the article on open access to the research literature. It is always possible to start such discussions again, and if we gather enough good arguments in terms of Wikipedia policy, then the current disambiguation functions could be taken over by , such that would become available for the kind of OA that scholars are concerned with.
For the record, the move from to has been justified (cf. ) by , to which would apply. What we thus need in order to move the disambiguation functionality back to is a convincing (to Wikipedians) case that the topic currently covered in is the "primary topic" for "Open Access". I will give that a try.
Well, if you search "open access" in Google, you end up with primary sites all related with OA (at least, it works for me). This could be important for Wikipedians.
Perhaps open access (to scholarly works). Wikipedians have a point about disambiguation here, as the term open access is used in other contexts.
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