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+Philipp Birken ALL Wikimedia Commons POTY pictures are gorgeous this year (not that I have had much to complain about the previous years' entries, either). But I did vote for this one - it is such a symbol of what humankind has achieved, and how small and fragile this one home we have is.
I wanna travel to the space someday :)
Now that's just too cool. Talk about a priceless view.
Makes me wish I was smart enough & dedicated enough to be privileged enough to be there :)
Science & exploring new boundaries rocks.
+Arias Feuter don't we all!  I just went to vote.  That is a difficult set of pictures to decide from!  I'm still thinking about it.
This photo restores my hope in humanity's future. Here's to the dreams of a woman leaning against the glass and gazing down on our tiny blue world, under an eternal sky...
Unfortunately I couldn't vote I wasn't registered early enough.  But I think this one is my favorite as well.
A gorgeous TIE fighter pilot taking in the view of the planet she's ordered to patrol against those pesky Rebels.
I think I remember that scene from Farscape. 
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