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Science with a public version history
Science with a public version history

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Nice post on integrating clinical trials metadata and Wikidata

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#Wikidata has a CC-0 license. This should not change.
The Wikipedia Signpost is a publication of the English Wikipedia . It published a piece about copyright and Wikidata and it suggested that a more restrictive license would be fine. Their problem: others benefit and do not need to acknowledge Wikidata as a s...

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Are you going to attend ISMB 2016 ( - July 8-12 in Orlando) and would be interested in helping run a Wikipedia/ Wikidata editathon? If so, please get in touch.

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The Vienna Principles: A Vision for Scholarly Communication in the 21st Century

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Nice video on the challenge of capturing footage of small #birds
flying in the dark. #science #art

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Egon on the experience of publishing the grant proposal for an EU project.
Publishing H2020 Proposals
Figure from the RIO paper. Over a year ago Daniel Mietchen invited me to join writing a H2020 proposal around Open Science. Well, that combines two of my current worlds, so interesting indeed. But there was more: Daniel wanted to do the writing openly, and ...

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Celebrating the first articles in RIO, the new #openscience journal that publishes #research from start to finish.

Take a look!


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I'm happy to announce that a new journal is geared towards publishing all elements of the research cycle, from the first idea to the final outcomes.

Dubbed RIO Journal - for Research Ideas and Outcomes - it lives on
and will start accepting submissions in November.

Some of its key features are summarized at
- it will publish research all along the research cycle
- it will map its content to societal challenges
- it will make its peer review fully transparent
- it lets authors choose which services they want from the journal
- it uses a collaborative authoring platform that turns WYSIWYG into
JATS, the XML format required for ingestion into PubMed Central

It will start accepting submissions in November. Suggestions for
subject editors in your areas of expertise are most welcome, as are
any other forms of feedback.

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