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I would contact ADT. they have an awesome service. 1-800-568-1216. It comes with an emergency button, and you have to call them once a month. one button press and the police and Fire Dept car called, and that call designated people. 
I have a somewhat morbid question. I have an acquaintance who is terminally ill. They are younger (in their 40s), live alone and have no nearby family. They're concerned that if they had a sudden event it could be days or weeks before someone goes looking and finds them. They do not want to be a burden. Is there some kind of App or service they could check in with regularly (every day or so) and if they didn't check in would send a notification to someone to know to go check in on them? 
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will it boot into single user mode?  (shutdown, restart hold command and s) if it will try running fsck. If it doesn't go to single user mode there is a hardware problem. 
I have a challenge for the Mac troubleshooting folks on here. I'm trying to revive a 2006 Mac mini (first generation Intel machine) and I'm not having much luck getting past the startup chime. The mini will power up and play the startup chime, then I'll get the gray screen with the Apple logo. Then a progress bar will appear below the logo and it will fill less than one quarter of the way before the machine shuts off. The machine will not boot from the OS X Snow Leopard disc nor will it boot off its own recovery disc to perform a hardware test. I am thinking that there may be a bad memory module or a dead clock battery on the motherboard causing the problem. I have also tried booting in safe mode resetting the PRAM, and booting into target disk mode with no luck. All other suggestions are welcome.
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open the bottom (8 small phillips screws) and have a look. It will be obvious if there is sticky liquid damage. Replacing the keyboard means near total disassembly of the laptop. $800 for Parts and Labor is cheep. 
My friend across the street had liquid spilled inside her 2013 Macbook Air (another reason not to have children).    The behavior is really weird and I’m wondering if there’s any recourse other than the $800 Apple wants to repair it.

It charges to 100% without problems
It boots up with out problems
The display looks fine
The keyboard is dodgy which I THINK is at the root of the problems
Typing is intermittent with some keys not working
control, option, shift and command all appear to work (I turned on Sticky Keys so I could see if the keys were recognized
Power button is definitely weird, sometimes hitting it changes the brightness, sometimes it tries to shut down on a simple tap

If I close the lid, the Mac goes to sleep, but I can’t wake it up via the keyboard. If I hit the power button it boots the Mac up as though it were shut down. 

If I use the mouse to sleep via the apple menu, I can wake the Mac up by tapping the keyboard.

I tried to do an SMC reset (that’s why I verified the modifier keys worked) but it didn’t help.
I reset the PRAM (waited for 3 chimes just in case) but it didn’t help.

I can use an external keyboard to use the Mac just fine.  The instructions on SMC said I had to use the internal keyboard so I did use internal for that process.

I’m starting to narrow down the problem to simply the keyboard itself, and maybe it’s the power button that’s gone haywire.  

It looks like replacing the keyboard on the 2013 MBA is really hard (LOTS of steps on MacFixit) but the entire top panel including the trackpad is only $200. 

Any other ideas of something I could try?
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