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Alan Turing died for your sims.

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"Initially (Buddy) Rich was tough on the rock guys, but eventually softened his stance, and voiced public respect for Bobby Columby of Blood Sweat and Tears and Danny Seraphine of Chicago. He also developed an amused tolerance for Bonham. When (as a fearful 12 year old) I asked him if he thought Bonham was any good. He didn't say a word. All he did was shoot me a terrible look followed by 10 seconds of a dead on Moby Dick, without Bonham's edginess, but with immaculate technique. That moment has stuck with me my entire life."

Post has attachment If you're an economics genius under 40, you might get the Clark Medal. If you do that, and your subject is the very top of the income distribution, you should become a household name.

Line is rational, color is emotion. (Said at breakfast with this NY commercial artist I know, it started him into about 45 minutes of intense NYC art talk. My caffeinated ramble may have hit on something)

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A Veteran's Day note. Philip Meyers (we lost the 'e' somewhere) a franco-german immigrant from near Strasbourg, was the first in my direct line, (I believe) to serve in the US military, was referred to as Colonel. My dad was a Army Air Corps/USAF, reaching Technical Sargent, 49-54, saw service in Korea. His oldest sister was married to Ensley Porche, his WW2 job was pulling bodies from planes returning to England..his duty was very impressive & harsh. The next oldest sister's 1st husband (I never met) flew 47 bomber missions over Europe from England. Her second husband, (Clifford Houy, a great & wonderful big ol Fredricksburg tx German, was enlisted in WW2, then flew F-86's, F-100's & F-101's, serving for over 25 years, reached Lieutenant Colonel. Dad's 1st Cousin Billy Powell, was career USAF, also began enlisted, reached full-bird, Colonel. Dad's 2nd cousin once removed blew past them all, though. He served as the 15th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
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