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Deborah Klaassen
Author of 'Bek dicht en dooreten!' (which is Dutch for 'Shut up and eat!')
Author of 'Bek dicht en dooreten!' (which is Dutch for 'Shut up and eat!')

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The red ghost
As the days were getting shorter, little
Tommy noticed that it was starting to get dark outside before his daddy came
home from work. He sat at the kitchen window of their flat, looking down at the
streets, waiting for his daddy. It was a particularly rainy...

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A dialogue to avoid
My colleague bursts into the room with the news that another colleague will have her 21st birthday soon. "She's so young!" I lean back in my chair and think of when I was that age. "Incredible, isn't it, that we used to feel stressed already at that age." T...

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A typically dreary morning in Amsterdam. Builders are looking for shelter under their scaffolding as Debbie cycles past, looking like she’s just taken part in a wet t-shirt contest.
Builders: Hallo!
Debbie (cheerful): Morning!
Builder: Rain’s looking good…

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Having moved to Amsterdam almost a year ago...

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Snapshots of Alma

Her first job was stacking shelves at ASDA. 
She used to come home and tell us that we could save 25p if we bought a large pack of Tetleys at her branche instead of at Tesco’s.

When she started as a receptionist at Quorn, she became a vegetarian. 
“It’s so much healthier not to eat meat,” she kept telling us. “And think of all the animals!”
She lost that job – and her appetite for veggie food – when she had a go at her manager over his ham sandwich. 

Next, she became a copywriter for a bank. She had to write about loans and mortgages. 
“The average working person in London has to save for 11 years for a sufficient mortgage deposit,” she wrote. 
But she didn’t let this get her down, and after only five years, she bought her first home. 

Nowadays, she works for a debt-collecting agency. 

Oh Alma, whatever has become of you?

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Hear, hear, I've written a fairy tale!

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So proud! The Urban Gardening Guide I wrote for LoveTheGarden is out, both in print and online! 

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So true!
Styles and technology sure have changed over the years...

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