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This home was built in the year 2000 and had two water leaks on the back, South wall. This is a pretty typical job for HomePRO that doubled in scope and price after we started the job and found extensive damage inside the wall. Initially, our scope of work consisted of removing the stucco around the two, downstairs windows and up to and around the gutter above one of the windows. The gutter was going into the stucco, which is a common mistake we find on homes built in this time period.

After obtaining the building permit, we removed the stucco and the two windows and found dry-rot in the sheeting and the framing inside the wall. After consulting with the owner, we added the extra work to the job. This included removing more of the stucco to uncover all of the dry-rot and removing the interior sheet-rock and all of the damaged sheeting and framing. Next, we installed new framing, wood sheeting and insulation in the wall cavity. The two windows were installed at this point. The windows we installed are Ply-Gem Premium 1000 triple-pane, sliding windows with the R-5 coating -

The next phase of work was to install 6" flashing around the windows, new building paper, foam insulation board and the stucco wire. This is called the lathing and the inspector comes out at this point for the first inspection. After the inspection passed, we came back the following day and started the stucco work. This home had a synthetic stucco home that has one base coat and then a finish and texture coat on top of that. The last part of the job entailed re-sizing the gutter and re-installing it. Like many of our clients, the owner decided to take care of the priming and painting of the new stucco.

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This home is in the Serrano Country Club in El Dorado Hills and was built in the year 2000. The owners were selling the home and it was in escrow when HomePRO was hired to fix a water leak coming in through the top of one of the downstairs windows.

The builder had done a repair on this area seven years ago and the owners had water leaking again in the same place earlier this year. The ten year warranty from the builder was expired so they offered no help to repair this area again. The owners hired a local contractor to repair this area about six months ago. It started leaking again after the first big storm so the owner's hired HomePRO to take care of their ongoing water leak.

After we removed the stucco system from around the leaking window, we found massive problems with the original construction and extensive dry-rot in the sheeting and framing. We started removing more and more stucco to uncover all of the leaks and had to eventually remove all of the stucco from the entire left wall on the home. The original OSB(oriented strand board) sheeting was actually installed backwards. You can see in the pictures that there is big, black writing on the OSB sheeting that says "THIS SIDE DOWN". It is unclear how this could of happened with the builder and also the El Dorado County Building Department not catching this when they did the sheeting inspection. There was also only one layer of Tyvek house wrap instead of two layers as there should have been. This faulty construction was the direct cause of the entire wall leaking and the extensive dry-rot that occurred. This entire wall has been leaking since the home was built but it was never discovered by the homeowners because the water was soaked up by the OSB sheeting before it could come into the home's interior.

After we discovered the entire wall needed to be removed and replaced, we did a change order to the original contract and added this additional work to the job. We removed all of the stucco and all of the OSB sheeting on this wall. All of the sheeting was deteriorated due to the faulty construction. There were several areas of the framing that had dry-rot as well and it was removed and replaced. A new Ply-Gem window was installed where the original leaking window was removed. New CDX plywood was installed over the framing. Bituthene flashing was then installed around all of the windows and other necessary areas on this wall. Two layers of Grade D building paper were installed over the new sheeting. Foam board insulation, metal lath and a Dry-Vit stucco system with foam trim accents were applied next. We had a color coat matched so the color would match the rest of the home. What was originally estimated to be a one week job turned into a five week job.

The new owners moved in right after we completed our work. They will not have to worry about any more water leaks on this wall.

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                           WATER LEAK IN SACRAMENTO

This home, built in 1997, had a water leak coming in at the top of one of the front windows.   HomePRO, Sacramento's home improvement professionals, was hired to diagnose the cause of the leak and make all necessary repairs.

After we removed the stucco system from around this window, we discovered the water leak was coming from the roof.  We then removed the roof tiles above this area and found that the building paper had been installed incorrectly around the metal valley.  Also, the wall sheeting above the window had become compromised due to the water leak and needed to be replaced.  We added this work to the original contract with a change order and proceeded with the repairs.

We properly installed new building paper around the metal valley and re-installed the existing roof tiles.  The damaged wood sheeting was removed and new sheeting was installed.  We then installed a new Ply-Gem Premium 1000, triple-pane, vinyl, new-construction window -  Six inch flashing was installed around the new window followed by building paper, foam insulation board and a new stucco system.

The stucco on this home had never been painted so we had Sacramento Stucco match the color with a color coat for this project.  After the stucco cured, it was almost a perfect match.  During the project, we noticed that the fascia boards around the home had never been painted as well and were starting to have some problems.  The owner elected to also add the painting of the fascia boards to this project.

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Water Leak in Sacramento
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                                   WATER LEAKS IN ROSEVILLE

This home was built in 1996 and was experiencing water leaks on two windows and one patio door on the back wall.  There was a patio cover over the patio door and window that was leaning and needed to be removed.  We removed the patio cover before starting on the water leaks.

The stucco system was removed around the two leaking windows and patio door.  After removing the stucco system, we found that one of the leaks above the patio door was originating from the second story window.  We subsequently removed the stucco system to the bottom of the second story window and found the flashing at the bottom of this window was deteriorated which caused the water leak.  The flashing above the other two windows was also deteriorated, but there were no problems higher up the wall in these areas.

We replaced the two leaking windows with Anlin Catalina windows.  The original window next to the patio door was a picture window and the owner decided to have us install a single-hung window for better ventilation.  The owner also decided to upgrade the existing patio door with an Anlin French door that swung outward with keyed exterior locks.

After the windows and French door were installed we commenced with the stucco work.  New 6" flashing was installed around the new windows and French door.  Then we installed new building paper, foam board insulation, wire and a new synthetic stucco system. There was foam trim accents around these openings and we installed new foam trim and textured it to match the existing.

Fortunately, we were able to correct these water leaks before any dry-rot started in the framing, saving the owner from a bigger expense.  It is very prudent to take care of water leaks at the first sign of water intrusion because the problem won't fix itself and more expensive repairs will soon be needed.

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Water Leaks in Roseville
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Our clients have been dealing with water leaks on their back wall since this home was built in 1998.  The builder attempted several repairs to stop the water leak without success.  In 2002, they hired a contractor to remove the entire back wall of stucco and make the necessary repairs to stop the water leaks.  Unfortunately, the contractor who did the repairs made quite a few mistakes and the wall still leaked.

In 2016, HomePRO was hired to ascertain the cause of the water leaks and repair these areas.  There were three known water leaks: on an upstairs bedroom window, on a downstairs living room window and on a downstairs patio door.  The ledger board above the downstairs window and patio door was installed incorrectly and had to be removed and re-installed correctly.  The metal flashing above the ledger board that the last contractor installed was put on top of the foam board.  Of course, this should have been installed under the building paper which is under the foam board.  The building paper was also installed incorrectly as it went under the nail fins of the windows/patio door instead of on top of them.  The previous contractor also did not get the required building permit, which is unfortunate, because the city inspector would have caught these mistakes.

The first order of business was to remove the patio cover and support it so we could make the necessary repairs behind it.  The stucco system was then removed around the two leaking windows and patio door and across the wall where the patio cover was attached.  We found that some of the framing had dry-rot, which we added to the job and repaired.  Next, we installed two, new Ply-Gem Premium 1000, new-construction windows and a Ply Gem French style patio door(Series 960).  Following this, we installed a new ledger board onto the framing with the metal flashing installed properly under the building paper.  The stucco system, consisting of new flashing, building paper, foam board, metal wire and a synthetic stucco system, was then applied around the windows, patio door and above the new ledger board.  The patio cover was then re-attached to the ledger board and sealed on the top.  We also installed two, retro-fit Ply-Gem Premium 1000 in the upstairs Master Bedroom closet.  To finish the project, we primed over the new stucco and painted the entire back wall.
Water Leak Repairs in Rocklin
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Another "newer" home, built in 1999, was having water intrusion around the front, three windows when it would rain.  These clients, as well as the vast majority of our past clients, informed us that it only leaks when there is a heavy, wind-driven rain.  This is when the leaking is noticed inside the house.  However, a normal rain can cause unseen and unnoticed water infiltration into the wall cavity.  This can go on for years and will eventually lead to larger problems and costly structural repairs.  It is definitely crucial that water leaks in homes be remediated as soon as possible to prevent this from happening.

The scope of work for the exterior consisted of removing the stucco system and foam trim around the windows, removing the three windows, diagnosing the source and cause of the water leaks,  installing three, new windows and a new stucco system, and priming and painting the new stucco and foam trim.  The scope of work for the interior included installing new sheetrock with matching texture, installing a new wood sill and apron on the middle window and a new baseboard and priming and painting these areas.

The City of Roseville requires a building permit for this type of work, which we obtained for the cost of $150.  During the step by step demolition phase we discovered several deficiencies in the original workmanship which were the direct causes of the water leaks.  These deficiencies included improperly installed flashing, cuts in the building paper, improperly installed nails and damage to one of the windows on the nail-fin.  Our technicians are experts at determining the cause of water leaks and uncovering any additional problems that need to be addressed after the exterior has been removed.

When we removed the stucco and foam trim from around the windows, we found that the building paper below the stone was compromised and would have to be repaired.  After consulting with the homeowner about the additional work, we added the removal of the stone under the windows and the installation of the new paper and new stone to match the original.  The wood framing was wet when we removed the stone, but fortunately we caught it before dry-rot could affect the wood.  It was also fortunate that we were able to remove the stones intact and were able to re-install them, saving a lot of time and money for our clients.

The job continued with the installation of the three new windows.   These top of the line, triple-pane windows are the Premium 1000 series by Ply-Gem, made locally in West Sacramento.  Here is a link for these windows -

The next phase included the installation of the flashing around the new windows, fiberglass batt insulation below the windows, building paper, foam board, metal wire, a synthetic stucco system, foam trim, the original stones on the bottom of the wall and the priming and painting of the new stucco.  The interior sheetrock, carpentry and painting work were completed at the same time. 

Please take a look at this photo gallery to see our expert workmanship and the perfect results of the completed project. 

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Stucco Water Leak Repair in Roseville
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Built in 2001, this Sacramento home in Natomas Park was experiencing major water leaks around three, south-facing windows.  Several attempts were made by other contractors to stop the leaks, but they were unsuccessful.  HomePRO was hired to ascertain the cause of the leaks and make all necessary repairs.

We first protected the surrounding windows and walls with plastic and building paper.  After the area was protected, we removed the stucco system between the two bottom windows and the top window.  There were several deficiencies in the original construction with the flashing and building paper which led to the water leaks.  On many of our jobs we will find dry-rot in the framing, but these owner's were fortunate that no dry-rot was found.

We installed new flashing around the windows.  Next, the building paper was installed along with foam-board insulation and metal lathing.  The base coat of stucco was applied, followed by the finish coat.  We took a sample of the stucco to Sherwin Williams and had them match the paint color.  Primer and the color-matched paint were applied over the new stucco and blended in perfectly. 

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Stucco Leak Repair - Sacramento
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HomePRO was hired to install a new vinyl siding system on the exterior of this home that was built in 1992.  After we removed all of the trim boards, we discovered extensive dry-rot on the pressed-board siding.  We consulted with the homeowner and added the extra work with a work order change.  Upon removing the damaged sheets of siding on the fireplace, we found several of the 2x4 studs had dry-rot as well, which we subsequently replaced.

After all of the extra dry-rot work was completed, we installed 3/4" R-Max insulation board over all of the walls of the home.  CertainTeed Monogram vinyl siding was then installed over the insulation board.  The style of the panel we used is a 5" clapboard in the Sterling Gray Color.  All of the corner posts and window trim were done in Colonial White.

This brand new looking home is now completely protected from the elements.  The CertainTeed Monogram is backed by the best lifetime warranty in the business, including fading.  Check out the gallery below to see before, during and after pictures of this project.

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Built in 1995, this home in Elk Grove was experiencing water leaks on a South side bathroom window.  The owner received six bids for this project.  The other five stucco companies recommended cutting out only a few inches around the window and then installing a new stucco system around the existing window.  It is also worth noting that none of the other contractors were planning on getting a building permit for this work, which is required.  Unfortunately, many Sacramento Area contractors do not follow the laws in this regard.   After doing a lot of research, the homeowners hired HomePRO to remedy their water leak even though our price was over twice as much as our competitors.

Our proposed method of repair was much more extensive than what our competitors recommended.  After 19 years of repairing water leaks in stucco homes and hundreds of completed projects, HomePRO understands what it takes to correctly remedy these situations.  Our process included removing the stucco about 1' from around the sides and top and 3' below the window to the bottom of the wall, removing the existing window and installing a new Anin window and installing a new stucco system to match the existing.    The owners opted to take care of the priming and painting of the new stucco themselves.

After the stucco was removed, we were able to ascertain the source of the water leaks.  On the upper right corner, the building paper and the flashing(even though installed correctly) were deteriorated and were allowing water to penetrate it and travel into the wall cavity and into the inside of the home.  There was also damage to the building paper about 8" under the bottom right corner of the window.  We also found that the building paper at the bottom of the wall was compromised.  It was fortuitous that the homeowners took care of this water leak in time so there was no damage to the structural framing, which could have added thousands of dollars to the price of this job.

This job is a perfect example of why HomePRO is the best company in the Sacramento Area for homeowners to hire when they have a water leak in their stucco home.  As a licensed General Contractor, HomePRO can expertly take care of all of the different trades that are involved with this type of work.  The other five companies that the homeowners considered were stucco companies with C-35 stucco licenses.  These stucco contractors cannot replace windows or take care of any structural problems or other things that might arise during the course of the work.  About half of the stucco leak jobs we have worked on in the past have had dry-rot in the structural framing that required repair.  Needless to say, it is not a good position for a homeowner to be in when a stucco contractor removes the exterior stucco from a home and finds dry-rot or a window problem so they have to stop the job until another contractor can be hired to fix it. 

Fortunately, these homeowners did their due diligence and chose HomePRO for this repair.  The method of repair recommended by all of the other five stucco contractors would not have stopped the leaking.  The damage to the building paper below the window and at the bottom of the wall would not have been detected.  Well, it would have been discovered years later with the distinct possibility of dry-rot in the structural framing.  Their prescribed method of repair would not have even passed the building codes, but the average homeowner would have been none the wiser because they were not planning on getting a permit.  It is definitely in a homeowner's best interest to get a permit so a qualified city/county inspector can inspect the work to make sure it is done right.

If you are in the Sacramento Area and have water leaks in your stucco home, please contact us for a free consultation.

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Stucco Leak Repair In Elk Grove
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In 2002, the current owner's of this home had all of their windows and patio doors replaced by a local window company.  Before their original windows/doors were replaced they were not experiencing any water leaks into the house.  However, not long after this work was done, they started noticing water leaks coming from around the new windows and doors.  Apparently, they contacted the window company, which is now out of business, and had them come back several times to stop the leaking.  Their repairs consisted of applying caulking around the retro-fit windows.  The owners also hired several other companies to try and stop the water leaks without success. 

HomePRO was hired to diagnose and repair the water leaks and make all necessary repairs.  After a little investigation, we discovered that all of the original window and door frames had been completely removed and pulled out of the stucco before the retro-fit windows were installed. This was a huge mistake by the previous contractor and was the direct cause of all of the water leaks.  When installing retro-fit windows in stucco, it is imperative not to remove the original window frame with the attached nail fin.  The building paper and flashing cover this nail fin in a specific manner that creates a moisture-resistant barrier and drainage plane to keep water out of the wall cavity and the interior of the home.

After determining the cause of the problem, we began repairs on three of the windows and one of the patio doors.  The only way to correct these problems and stop the water leaks is to remove the stucco system from around each opening, replace the retro-fit window with a new-construction window and install new flashing, building paper and a stucco system. After the stucco system was removed, we found the wood sheeting and some of the structural framing had started to rot.  To make matters more complicated, the dry-rot in the wall was directly behind a ledger board of a two story deck.  The deck now had to be completely removed to access the structural repairs that were required.  After consulting with the owners, we added this extra work to the scope of the work with a written change order.

Upon removing the deck, we found several deficiencies that needed to be corrected.  The railing was not secured properly to the wall which made it quite unsafe.  The space between the rails was over 4" and we had to re-build the rails to meet code of less than 4" between rails.  The main 4" x 14" beam holding up the deck was warping because the joists were not fastened to it properly.  The middle support beam was too small and needed to be replaced with a larger post.  All of these repairs were added to the job as well.

After the deck was dismantled and the ledger board removed, we made all of the necessary structural repairs.  The windows were replaced with Anlin Catalina windows in new construction frames.  The patio door was replaced with an Anlin Malibu patio door in a new construction frame.  New flashing and building paper was installed where it was removed around the openings.  The ledger board was then installed across the wall and the deck rebuilt.  A three coat traditional stucco system was applied and blended into the surrounding areas.  The stucco and new lumber on the deck were primed and painted to match.

This completes phase one of repairing the water leaks in this home.  We will be doing this same process with the other 15 windows and three patio doors over the next couple of years. 

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Stucco Leak Repairs in Rancho Murieta
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