I'll update how I'm doing on this pegboard. I use my left hand and place all the pegs. I then use my right hand to remove them and put them in their container. Getting to this point is all I expected.

I like to see how far I can go, though. So I tried putting a peg in with my right hand. I did! So soon it was 3. The rest of that week and the next it was 1 row. I'm now doing 3 rows. I've also added something new, picking up the peg with my right hand and then placing it.

*Some of you who have limited movement of 1 hand may want to do this. First get a pegboard like this. If you already have pegboards, use the large ones for preschoolers. Don't start by doing a whole board. That's frustrating. Just 1 row, or if like me, 1 peg. I started 1 and a couple days later moved up to 3.

The idea is you do a little, and later add a little bit more. After you can do 1 row (for a while), add another. I started with this board in October, it's now December. Progress is not instant, but it is progress.
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