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Angela Ronson
the famous vegetable brain
the famous vegetable brain

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It rly was serious. I wasn't in a coma from surgery. No, surgery was done at the 3rd place I was taken.
1st- I went to the local clinic- from my office. I never went home like the report says. I stopped breathing there. I assume they put me on a respirator then an ambulance. A helicopter couldn't land. It was snowing.
2nd- The ambulance took me down the mountains to a hospital. That place saw that I wasn't breathing. They didn't admit me n put me on a helicopter to a trauma center.
3rd- I had emergency brain surgery at the trauma center. There was no time for a scan. The AVM in my head was eyeballed. It was leaking n had not ruptured. It looked like I would die. They only stopped the bleeding. (Stanford later removed the AVM in more surgery.)
As a professional, I'd say this is a good practice op. I guess they did too. My heart did stop according to reports (but I was still artificially ventilated). They finished n restarted my heart.
I was left in a coma never to wake again. What u see here is astonishing.


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This is the second installment Dr. Morse did on me. " THINKING is healing the brain." Use it or lose it. That is common sense now if I say it this way. The stories he tells relate to me. The 7-year coma will be 15 years in Dec 2017.      - Angela   ANGELA R...

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Angela Ronson Part 1: Not a Vegetable at All, but a White Crow
In the following, Dr. Morse introduces me. He does three more of these in his blog. The man is excited and surprised. After Dr. Morse wrote this, I still remained in a coma (vegetative). I am in a coma to this day, and I feel that diagnosis should have been...

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Tube Out, Then What?
Dec 2016 and Jan 2017, the govt cut off my food until I had a swallow
study done. There was probably no thinking at all. It would have been
done as a paperwork issue. In reality, it was reminiscent of Terri
Schiavo days. How long can she go without f...

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going all government, I had private insurance. I remember the rehabilitation hospital saying my
AVM bleed was in my cerebellum "next to my pons." Now that's a clue
that this may be Locked-In Syndrome (LIS), but no one ls looking for that. The pons...

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Start With The Semi-Vegetative
Thousands of unresponsive patients might actually be conscious so start with the "semi-vegetative." That's what I am. I'm not sure if this classification exists outside of the United States. What
I have experienced this class to be was initially being vege...

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Consciousness is Complicated
Contrary to  popular belief, I have always been conscious. I was conscious when I couldn't talk or move. I could only stare at you. How could I remember where I was if I was unconscious?  Recalled Itinerary     I
was sent  an article on consciousness, http...
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