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Lori Conger
Making Motherhood Memorable
Making Motherhood Memorable


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Goodbye for Now
I have been receiving a lot of emails and calls about preschool for next year, so I thought I had better write a little note to inform everyone that I will not be teaching preschool next year. I took some time off this year to deal with some migraine headac...

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Halloween 2015
It's no secret I am not a fan of Halloween. The truth is, my disdain for this holiday grows every year until I am now at the point of deciding our family is absolutely NOT following traditional Halloween rituals ever again. Now, I know that sounds harsh and...

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Over the years I have become less and less in love with the autumn season. Not because I don't love what goes on around here every fall (namely football and volleyball season and the kids starting up school fresh again), but simply because of one thing: fal...

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The Interview
I always have this wonderful intention of interviewing each of my children on their perspective birthdays and recording it. We have copies of a few interviews my husband's mother gave to him as a child, and they are so fun to watch! It's absolutely incredib...

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Oh my goodness, has it really been so long since I have written?? Yikes! I have wished to be at my computer so many times, recording our lives and my feelings about all that is taking place in our family, and yet I have not made it. Ugh! Well, today is a ne...

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It’s been so long since I have written. Life continues to
move forward at a dizzying pace and I long to sit down and pour out my soul and
record our family’s experiences, but it just doesn’t happen. Tonight though my
heart feels ready to burst and I know I ...

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Halloween 2014
I've never been a fan of Halloween. In fact, I think to put it bluntly, I just truthfully have a strong distaste altogether for the holiday. I don't know if it's the practical side of me that clashes so much with the whimsies this day demands or if it's sim...

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Power of Moms Davis County Retreat 2014
There are few things better than getting with other moms and sharing a day together, especially when yummy food is involved and lots of great discussion about how to strengthen our families and ourselves as mothers. I absolutely love it! And that's exactly ...

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Oh, What a Summer!
Warning: Super duper long (after all, it's a whole summer's worth, right?) The fact that it has been three months since I have written saddens me greatly. I hoped this summer would be different and I would be able to keep up with recording our lives, but ev...

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A Life-Changing Event
When I was 11 years old, I experienced a terrifying event that changed my life forever. The truth is, it changed me forever. I didn't realize until just recently how significant this incident has really been in shaping my life--my values and priorities and ...
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