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Phil Williams
musician, amateur civil war historian, dance party enthusiast, friend to mankind.
musician, amateur civil war historian, dance party enthusiast, friend to mankind.

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+Matt Morton said I needed to come back to Google Plus.  HELLO GOOGLE PEOPLE!

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In all the excitement, I forgot to post this to the wonderful world of Google+!

My friend +Kevin Rothermel and I have launched a site that asks the question "What would you do with $5 and a friend?" We are giving away $500 in small five-dollar increments to people who send us weird/funny/awesome ideas on how they'd spend their $5. Just about every day, we pick a new winner and mail them $5 cash to go and accomplish their $5 dream.

Check out the site, watch the video, and submit your idea!

DJing a wedding today. Bride and groom requested no songs after 1990. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

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This bears repeating...

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So am I the only person who stays up late at night wondering things like "What did the space slug in Empire Strikes Back eat when there WASN'T a Millennium Falcon flying into its open mouth?"

Thanks to the internet, NOW I KNOW!

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My first column for RVA News is up for August. It's a detailed account of Richmond in the aftermath of the Battle of Bull Run as both wounded and prisoners descended upon the city for the first time.

Reliving last night's amazing Bon Iver concert at the National. Justin Vernon deserves kudos for being able to successfully have an 8+ person live band and NOT make it sound too jammy. It's hard to resist those clarinet and trombone solos.

My video shoot today is perilously close to +Ross Catrow and the RVA News office. Perhaps I should sneak over there.

After upgrading my DJ gear, I decided to wait to organize all my thousands of wedding DJ songs until the first wedding of the year. It's in two weeks and HOLY CRAP I AM SICK OF WEDDING JAMS ALREADY. Ensuring proper labeling, checking bitrates, organizing by genre, listening to songs to confirm they're clean versions. It's like a full-time job! BUT, it's all going to be awesome in the end.

Anybody have any sleeper hit wedding songs to share?

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This video sums up Google+ more or less perfectly.
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