*Submit you wallpapers suggestions*

Yesterday we told you that today we will give you the chance to get involved with Ozon,  so we are keeping our promises.
Submit your wallpaper for the first version of Ozon OS in this flickr group and we will review then and pick a few of them to be included in the OS out of the box.

However there are certain rules:
 - Images must be at least 2560 x 1600;
 - The wallpaper should be yours and not something you've found on the internet and claim to be yours;
 - Any style is acceptable, however images that have sexual content or are simply too not safe for work will not be tolerated;
 - Up to two images per user, so make sure that you upload your best work so you'll have a chance;
 - Avoid submitting wallpapers who have lots of details on the bottom and on the top for they will clash with the UI elements of the desktop shell;
 - When it comes to photographic wallpapers both - single point of focus and multiple details are fine;
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