After careful consideration we've decided on the following roadmap for Ozon OS v1 "Hydrogen".
Alpha  - Fedora 20 with our current Gnome-Shell Extensions and Gnome-Shell theme. 
Beta - Fedora 21 with our Gnome-Shell extensions and Gnome-Shell theme, Ozon visual branding - GTK theme, icon theme, plymouth theme, wallpaper and etc ... and various OS tweaks like our packages, preinstalled vendor video drivers by default and others.
Final - Beta version with all the bugs fixed.
We will soon upload our extensions at for you to grab and we do encourage you to test them on your Gnome configurations (please note - they will only work for 3.12 and 3.10) and also test them on the Alpha and Beta version that are to come.
Please note - we will try to get an Alpha version out as soon possible, but it requires us to learn how to make Fedora spinoffs and write kickstarter files and other geeky stuff in which the chances are you're just as interested as Dionysus is titans gathering dust in eternal pain in Tartarus insides, meaning - not very much.
P.S. If you wanna help us with making a +Fedora Project spinoff feel free to contact us here on Google+. ;)

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