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Jen Boksa
Forgiving Flaws One Blog Post at a Time
Forgiving Flaws One Blog Post at a Time

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2017 Renewal Challenge: Self
We've made it, dear readers. It is the end of February, the end of "winter," the end of our 2017 Renewal Challenge. We slowly made our way around the house , cleaning, re-purposing, and releasing that which does not serve us. We spent time revisiting our  e...

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2017 Renewal Challenge: In the Moment
This post is dedicated to Mama Lynnette, a true believer of living in the moment. The moments following the loss of a loved one are always raw and unfiltered. Thoughts are muddled by pain, grief, confusion, and a gaping hole where someone amazing once exist...

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2017 Renewal Challenge: Relationships
There are two primary groups of thought when it comes to Valentine's Day: Group A: It's a wonderful day filled with flowers and pink, hearts and dinners! An opportunity to show love and appreciation! A day of guaranteed romance! Bring on the chocolates and ...

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2017 Renewal Challenge: Rest
One of my absolute favorite places in the whole wide world is my bed. I love laying down in my bed, reading in my bed...I've even been known to eat candy and cake and french fries in my bed. It's a place of comfort to me, where everything I need is right th...

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2017 Renewal Challenge: Eating
Hello again my lovely readers. I have missed you. I have some very exciting things to share with you, things that will explain my absence and hopefully inspire your creative side....but I am a mean ol' blogger and you'll need to wait to hear about those thi...

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2017 Renewal Challenge: Around the House
Welcome, dear readers, to Week 1 of the Flaws, Forgiven Renewal series. I wanted to kick 2017 off with some positive, practical, and easy ways to rejuvenate our daily lives.... cuz let's face it, after 2016, we're all feeling a little less-than-fresh . Each...

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Creating Grateful Kids at Christmastime
Buy them a Hatchimal, the end. ......... I am absolutely, 100% kidding. Hatchimals are not the answer, people.   I remember being a kid and coming down the stairs and seeing the Christmas lights reflecting off the wrapping paper. There's nothing quite like ...

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Gift Guide for the Not-So-Wealthy
Twelve and a half more days until Christmas, dear readers! Time is flying so parties are in full swing, lights are twinkling everywhere we look, and my money is basically just kissing my bank account and waving goodbye at this point.  Now I...

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When It's Not the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
I'm a Christmas girl. I love winter, I love snow, I love blankets and cocoa and Christmas movies and pretty lights. Christmastime is one of my favorite times of the year. Everything sparkles and shimmers with celebration and the anticipation of a new year, ...

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Cooking with Kids: Blueberry Banana Buttermilk Bread (3B Bread)
We've made it to our last post in the Cooking with Kids November blog series and I am thrilled to announce I've saved the best for last. This bread.....oh, readers. This bread is absolutely my number one most-loved breakfast food of all time. The girls go c...
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