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I am Capn Crunch, one of the so called legions of the old school hacking traditions of the early 70's/
I am Capn Crunch, one of the so called legions of the old school hacking traditions of the early 70's/

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Interested in my story as a phone phreaker, how people can protect themselves, and where the industry is going? Listen to my guest segment on the Spiral Marketing Podcast, a show dedicated to educating and inspiring marketers, entrepreneurs, and other business leaders here:

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This stupid iPad G+ app makes it impossible to leave the app and come back to where I left off, At lease the FB app does this.

About a week ago, I was transferred to the TLC rehab center ( I would give out the link, except this stupid app won't let me fetch the URL). I'm on an iPad.

I had my first occupational therapy evaluation today, and I have a long ways to go for recovery. The results:

- although I can walk using a walker, I was deemed too unsteady on my feet to be allowed to walk without a staff member at my side.

- I still can't wipe my ass. Looking for creative solutions. Unlike Thailand, they don't have squirters. I can only get to within 3 inches though.

- still can't put my shoes on, Nor can I reach any part of my feet. I have to use a "sock inserter".

- although with great effort, I can put on a pair of trousers using this stick they call a "reacher".

- my upper body functionality is normal. Although pretty week.

As far as other functionality, I can sit up (on my own) and put my back brace on, get into wheel chair and make it to toilet on my own, but it's an ordeal for me.

I estimate my recovery to be about 5-8 months before I consider full functionality.

I'm really disappointed that I'm only getting 30 mins. Of physical therapy every other day. I know I can recover a lot faster if I'm allowed to walk around for several hours on a walker, but they won't allow me this freedom.

Ahhh! And it feel so good to just be standing....and walking with a walker. Due to the evaluation today, I was deprived from doing ANY kind of walking. So I can only use wheelchair for getting around the facility, and not even allowed to go outside and get warm from the desert heat of Vegas, and they keep the AC so cold, I'm shivering all the time, NOT GOOD for my back. As the muscles freeze up.

The PT doesn't even support stretching, so I'm having the beg the therapist to stretch my legs.

Today, after the eval, they did let me do my OWN collection of stretches and exercises, of which the therapist was impressed, but also was frustrated that due to high patient load, she was not allowed to give me much time. She was very impressed with my exercises though.

I was able to talk her into giving me a red Thera-band I can use from my room.

So, due to bureaucracy and the amount of other patients at this facility, my recovery is going to take a lot of time, but can be quickened if I can afford to go to a better facility.

As always. I need money to recover, so donations gratefully accepted. And can't wait until I can get back to work for Golden Spear if they can fit me into some nitch again.



If your group or organization wants to invite me to lecture to your group or organization, Consider inviting me to make a presence via a hangout or Skype. I'm sure you would be very interested in some of my stories I can tell about my earlier days when I took total control over the ATT "long lines" as it was called then, and give new details on how I "punked" tricky dick Nixon.

But more interesting, and important, I can talk about security and privacy, and how you CAN avoid the big snoopy "nose" of the NSA.

I think people are too placid about their privacy and "goody goody two shoes" attitude like "why should I bother to encrypt?, I'm not doing anything wrong", is really the wrong attitude to take. I mean, why do you lock your doors at night, or leave your home?

So, please consider booking me to speak. All you need is a good internet connection. And a large screen, with the size that fits your audience.

This offer is also available for TV stations, or Internet streaming. And to reach a greater audience, I can put it on my YouTube channel.

my rates are dependent on projected audience size, and you avoid paying my travel and lodging costs. I can send high definition video with my very fast upload speed.

I have a lot to talk about.... So please contact me via

John (the Crunchman).

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Have we met in Holland last May?    Google+ won't let me communicate directly with you privately,  so email me at
Is this the el cheap bearing maker you couldn't find?

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John Draper commented on a video on YouTube.
Hey,   if anyone knows how to contact DoorBell,  please ask him to send me a secure message on wickr.   Provided he has a smart phone.   I want to interview him for my book.  Of course his identity will be protected.   This is why I ask people who want to remain anonymous,  to use Wickr,  to protect them from harassment by the Authorities.

I'm looking for Android programmers. I need about 3-4 programmers. 2 from US, at least one to be available during the day, the other can be working elsewhere, but able to work at night or weekends.

These projects are short term, usually involving 1-5 days in duration, but paid immediately once code works and checks out.

We desire those with PayPal accounts, Makes it a lot easier on my clients.

We need at least one programmer familiar with installing the Android SDK, eclipse, java, and all the support files. We are looking for people from Russia or E. Europe, and Asia area as well. we are looking for team members scattered all over the world, and be available during inconvenient hours Pacific time.

Contact me here for scheduling an on-line interview, Skype video a must, and candidates MUST have reliable broadband! and be able to collaborate in long and intensive meetings on Skype, screen share! or TeamViewer.

Interviews will be scheduled in mornings Pacific Time.

This is a collaborative project, requiring a lot of on-line meetings, to be scheduled during the daytime (mornings) Pacific Daylight time, or evenings, depending on candidates location and time zone.

I can schedule only 3 interviews per week, on Skype Video, and participants will be given opportunity to "strut their stuff" in a screen share "show and tell"', And a 2nd interview which includes a chance to work on the actual project on trial basis. If their work is satisfactory, they will get paid $20/hour regardless of their pay rate for their effort in joining the project on trial.

We think this is fair, Especially since each project has a fixed budget. Approx $5k to $10k.

Please send a mail to If interested. Also, be sure to give me your skype name, so I can add you as a contact.

John (the Crunchman)

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John Draper commented on a video on YouTube.
Where can I buy this CD....Send me URL or details.

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John Draper commented on a video on YouTube.
Rats and monkeys are able to outperform hedge fund managers, is it their ability to recognize patterns or is it because hedge fund managers are so psyched out that they lose more often then if they chose randomly?

The forms page at is now up, and for the first 1000 applicants, they all can realize the benefits of ThunderCloud.

This video is a good explanation on this new technology, and it couldn't have come at a better time, Especially with that big nose (pig snout) in the sky, Hoovering up all of your private life, Like they said... Sniff everything, grab everything, and own everything.

Check it out...this is your last opportunity. The forms page will close when 1000 applicants have been reached. Get yours now.

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