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Jacques Poko


Jacques Poko

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For Hans-Joachim Pokojski, painting is the expression of inner needs. Being fascinated by everything human and natural, he discovered the arts at an early stage in life. Like Yves Klein once put it: “You don´t decide to become a painter, one day you realize that you are one“.Making the state of the soul tangible and expressing the sensual is what is important to him.In his pictures blue ist the dominant colour. In this Theorie of Colours, Goethe argued: “Blue is the colour of the sky, associated with distance, longing, and infinity. It is the colour of energy and power. There is something contradictory about it, related to both excitement and ease Pokojski´s pictures can be perceived by the mind (“That´s the philologist coming through there“), but always speak to the soul. Lyrical elements express emotions. “Inner life ist the pluralism of the soul“, sasy the artist. Being interested in polotics, he also comments on current social evils and defects, such as the fear of having different opimions or the effects of historic developments on today´s way of life. 

Methodical approach: 

Pokojski mainly uses water colours and acrylic paints. Remarkable are the blue colours which are rich in nuances, the use of simple picture elements for making complex statements (the tea kettle as a symbol of warmth and a feeling of security), as well as the use of letters as signs of rational thinking. 


„Seelenbilder“ (soul pictures) is the name of series, in which the artist captures the spirits of the seasons: icy windows, spring flowers breaking through the crust of the earth, sunflowers swaying in the wind, a single, golden yellow pear, barely hanging from a weak autumn branch. The tales of poetry show a broad understanding of arts and culture as a harmonic unity of music, theatre, literature and painting. You will find Sappho looking at herself in the mirror, decorated with Goethe´s red sloppy hat (homage to the poet), a painter conjuring a fiery comet´s tail, a ballerina spinning with dynamic precision. The viewer is taken on a moonlighted dream journey into the realm of the senses, in which the blue moon clown hits the road and goes on a journey to find a sense of truth lying beyond our today´s society, which is obsessed with nothing but technicallity, science and profit. 


Hans-Joachim Pokojski was born in Recklinghausen in 1950 and showed an early enthusiasm for the arts which was deeply enriched by his arts teacher, Norbert Dolezich, at that time teaching at the renowned Prussian Academy for the Arts in Königsberg, Pokojski theaches German, religious education and – out of special interest – arts at an secondary modern school. As a painter, he made his mark and gained reputation with his exhibitions in Recklinghausen (permanent), Essen, Wuppertal, Bielefeld, Lüdinghausen, Frankfurt (Trade Fair, several times), Longuich/Trier (series of 14 exhibitions), Aurich, Norddeich (two-year exhibition) and France (Ste Anne La Palud/Brittany). Already in his early years, Hans-Joachim Pokojski committed himself to making music. With his band ““, in which he plays the drums, he covers songs of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, and the Beach Boys.
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