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The Iron Samurai (Nick Horton)
Music, Math, Muscle
Music, Math, Muscle

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Romanticism & Cynicism are two sides of the same coin: both are seductive ways of avoiding reality.

"[Literary] criticism is horse shit without the pleasant smell or its use as fertilizer." - Hemingway

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"There is no panic to equal that of the journalist caught without his typewriter." - William F. Buckley


"There I was minding my own business, then it was life without the possibility of parole on the Supreme Court." - Justice Thomas, lol

"Don't give me all that about only 24 hours in the day, just cut out that useless sleep & let's get down to business." - Justice Thomas

"Phobophobia, that's your problem."- FDR


TAMARA: This job application is asking for someone good looking?

NICK: I can do that.

T: oops, it says 'good decision making'.

N: Never mind.

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Taking back the word Conservative from the Bloviating Blowhards


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The Left once believed in universal principles. It is now mired in relativism. As an old radical Leftist, I deplore this. 
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