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One of the more interesting supplements for GURPS Magic is Thaumatology: Magic Styles . It expands the rules from Martial Arts to wizardry, so that spell-casters can have styles like Fire magic or the Ebon Path, similar to the way that martial artists can k...

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Amplifying what Doug said, you really only need Spaceships 1. The rest of the series mostly consists of examples and some genre specific rules or systems (for THS, #8). You certainly don't need #7 (paranormal spaceships) for Traveller!

Start with SS#1, and go from there.

Just as a reference, all the Spaceship examples I put on my blog ( are based entirely on Spaceships 1 and Spaceships 4, and I wouldn't need Spaceships 4 if I wasn't designing mecha.

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While being a horse archer is great, it isn't always a practical solution. Sometimes, you need to be someplace your horse can't be.

I just wrote an entire blog post about this (, but let me summarize:
A starting 250 point DF scout should have at least Bow-18 and Move 7, and Bow-20 and Move 8 isn't unreasonable, along with Heroic Archer. So the Scout doesn't shoot into shields: the Scout lets the enemy get within 3-5 yards and then makes a Move and Attack to run behind/beside them and shoot them from their off-shield flank. Skill-18 is sufficient to make a 7 yard shoot, even with the Move and Attack penalty of -2, 85% of the time.

I strongly disagree with your statement that "You cannot hope to hit or be effective in GURPS archery even with all the Heroic Archer." And that's before we even get to DF Mystic Knights, who think your shield is an amusing anachronism because they target the ground behind you and turn their arrows into grenades with Scattershot.

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Low-tech, low-fantasy GURPS tactics are pretty basic: concentrate your force into a mass, overwhelm your opponent, guard your flanks. It's not particularly difficult, but there needs to be some discipline in getting everyone to work together. And of course, it does depend on what resources (in terms of skills, abilities, etc) you have.

But basically, assuming a bunch of low-point warriors like what you describe here, you want to do something like this:
1) Form a line. Obvious, but... everyone stands shoulder to shoulder, melee weapons out and facing the enemy. If you have a competent archer (you probably don't at 100 points, but who knows) or other ranged combatant, he stands behind everyone else and attacks through a gap in the line.
2) Move up towards the enemy, leaving a gap of ~2 yards. Then start taking Wait actions, attacking the enemy as they approach. If you do have an Archer, he shoots the enemy at close range to bait them into coming.
3) After the melee is joined, GANG UP. Foes with weapon + shield get two good defenses (Block and Parry), so try to make them defend against at least 3 attacks if you can.
4) If you outnumber the foe, wrap your line around his people and make attacks on his off-shield flank. Conversely, if you're outnumbered, have the guys on the edge of the line curl back to keep their flanks from being exposed. Also, try to avoid fighting while outnumbered; 100-pointers in GURPS can't really do this effectively.

That's what I'd start with. Anything more specific is going to depend on what you're bringing to the table and what you expect to be fighting.
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